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Reviews for "Deep Fried, Live! #7"

pure genius, funny and informative

tens all round(well it's not violent but thats not required now is it?)
no other flash animation so creatively takes on the challenge of producing something through the medium of flash so thoroughly as is illustrated through dfl, each episode not only entertains the audience but through interactive elements unique to the medium of flash allows for the audience to find out more about whats being said and done within the animation, ensuring that whatever tako is teaching us how to cook, we are not only left giggling but with that pure feeling of having actually learnt something of use in the real world, thus entertained and educated i am one happy customer waiting anxiously for the next dfl cooking show.

Greshnack <3 Deep Fried :D

This movie was truely an experience!
Finally I learned cooking... somehow :P
The graphics are good, characters are sympahtic and sound is very good as well. I've not yet viewed the other episodes but I'll sure do!

The series..

Instead of reviewing episodes one by one, Which would recieve me a few more reviews to my name, i shall not. Because if i am reviewing the whole series; by this review and by this one alone. I can truely say what i think about it and actually what it has been like as a 'viewing experiance'

The actual flash content is truely amazing, the graphics, art. scripts,etc. are just brilliant, Its the kind of stuff You would find on cooking and buying channels..

The theme tune for each one definatly suited it and the title/starting/intro at the beggining definatly gave it the feel of something You would watch on Your tv.

Not only was it very informatial about cooking and what ingrediants You should use. It was also very funny. Which definatly helped with how great this flash series has been.

The voice of takko himself was perfectly suited. Its a sort of voice that isnt serious or isnt dumb it just works with the character. Also the design of takko as a octopus was well done. It really gave the feeling of a octopus, also in themselves (the species) is really good with their hands and also really carefull. but You as artists making him clumsy and accident prone was hilarious it was definatly a pardoy of a creature.

The information tabs on the side were definatly helpfull, definatly helped it look more of a informatial/educational, flash which made it look brilliant.

The selling tabs or whatever they are on the bottom, (i never personally clicked them) But it really made it look perfect. Well basicly all the buttons,tabs, etc. Round the side really helped make it a better flash.

Good luck with the future of this series, and Your other flash's i hope i can see more of these soon. and i have definatly learned alot about cooking, being only 13 years old myself i dont really do cooking much, But i definatly learned alot. well. Good luck and Au Reviour.



The eating tako lol

good as always

....excccceeept for one thing
you keep slipping things in about Alton Brown in your flashes...

i can't tell whether you take offense to him or enjoy him.. well i do

i like the idea of a sideick for our chef..