Reviews for "Confessions - by hania"

so sweet...

i love your songs, you sing so beautifully, you are probably going to be famous some day


Awesome voice, awesome lyrics. One more fan for you.


I agree with lowphat, get yo ass a good record deal already!

We have smut all across the internet if we want to someone shake their booty (which is nice and all, don't get me wrong) but someone who actually has a passion for the music still, that's were the real good stuff comes from.
You pump out the good stuff!

Sad to say it's the booty shakers making the $$$ these days :'(
I'll shake my skinny booty anyday for free for my love of dance!

I finally got it!!!

I figured out what your voice reminds me of!!! Evanescance!@@

Just going down.

I've just been going down the list of your songs and not one has not impressed me. You, dear girl, have a talent that must be known.