Reviews for "Confessions - by hania"

Your soul is Beutiful

Your inner spirit truly shines in this piece. Keep up the awsome work


I love it, you have an amazing voice also. Every song i have heard from you so far is worth 10 stars, heck maybe 30. Keep up the awesome work. : )

You serious?

Completely improvised in ONE recording? Does that mean there was no prep AT ALL? Cause I find it hard to believe that you sat down at a piano and went in all guns blazing and came out with something that, to put it bluntly, isn't total crap.

Either way, this has a very ambient feel to it and is very soothing despite the sely-pitious feel to it.

hania responds:

I am being totally honest with you - it was purely an improvisation! The only thing that wasn't improvised in the first go, was the backing vocal - that came later.
The lyrics and everything you hear on the piano - totally improvised with my machine on RECORD.

(that's probably why the lyrics don't make sense at times) hahaha


you can talk!? Not bad. not my style but i can appreciate this.


foggy purgatory of depression

Sounds like being in a big, cold, misty purgatory, losing yourself. Fascinating how an instrument can be an extension of yourself. I'll be frank though, at 2:30 I felt like "that's enough self-pity, now pull yourself together!" 5/5