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Reviews for "Rain Down"


DAMN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CWN responds:

Why, thank you :-)

Hate metal end hate emo's too:)

This one is good because emo suxx . Anyway metal sux also but i prefer metal than lazy emo's.
Burn them all!

CWN responds:

Metal takes a little getting used to, but anyway, at least we share the same hate for emos.

It makes me really sad.... "sob"

This is one of the greatest songs here on Newgrounds .
EMO suck !!!!

Horns raised to the dark skies !!!

CWN responds:

Thanks man!!
http://www.lonesomehate.de.vu/Lonesom e_Hate/raindown.html
Lyrics, so u can understand my grunting and emo hate anthem!