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Reviews for "Rain Down"



Great vocals!

Holy fuckbeans, thats good growling right there... Some EQ work on the guitars and drums might be needed but god damn, you've got it going on, man.

CWN responds:

Hehe, I know what you mean.
Working on a new song, improved the sound of the drums and used some different recording techniques for the guitars... Oh well! Still a kick ass song :D


Very Nice. Wa Wa We Woah

Makes me cry.

The song is really well put together. I like it. Please stop picking on emos. They are people too. Whats wrong with you kids today. Fuck.

Naw...I'm just wanking ya. Kill the fuckers...or ....just wait...and they'll do it themselves. hahaha.

Anyways, really a huge fan of the super low gutterals on this. Fucken eh! 5\m/

CWN responds:

Thanks a bunch! :D


WOOOHOOOOOO!!! That's nice!