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Reviews for "Rain Down"

fucking yes!

FINALLY! the first anti thing I've ever heard! D:< took enough god damn time. anyway thanks for this, stupid emos trying to be sad all the time and saying they are non-conformist. >.> even though they are only emo because of conforming to a stereo type. emos suck. high fucking five! AWESOME SONG! XD

btw. ill vote 5 on this every day. sorry for those emo kids lowering the score.

CWN responds:

Man, you made my day. I was surprised this even showed up on the weekly top 5!
That was mainly the problem, because then all the little emo chumps starting hearing the song and voting with ZEROS...
Thanks for your support man!!!! I appreciate it a lot!

hell ya!!!

YA EMOS SUCK!!!!and there does need to be a new section to the audio!

CWN responds:

Hell yeah!

heavy as hell

i agree with Midnight Dragon we do need a new category pretty damn good i hate teh emo's too well at least they are all killing themselves i think i threw my neck out friggin bangin my head to this sounds like job for a cowboy

CWN responds:

Hell yeah! Those are the reviews I like hearing.
Too bad people are voting so poorly for this song... fucking 3.76... Wtf is that ... :D

Oh yeah

Down with teh EMO Fucks! I gotta say this really sounds more like hardcore than heavy metal maybe we need a new category here on NG.

CWN responds:

There's lots of submissions that aren't really "Heavy Metal"...
Maybe we DO need a new catagory!

Thats Right Mother Fucker!!!

Fuck Emo!!!!
As A Hater Of Emo Fags In A Anti Emo Band
Keep That Shit Hard And Heavy
Sulifane Carcus Has youre Back
We Have A Song Simaler Called
Poser Disposal We Will Send It Sometime
so. heres a 666

CWN responds:

I'm glad we share similar interest.