Reviews for "Smbz: The Big Brawl"

Nice :D

8 for the fact it isn't officially yours, but its still epic,
i kinda figured we reveiw the song here not the artist x.x
but yeah.... i really like it's speed and how it gets me PUMPED UP


AWeSOme SoNg!!!!!!!!!!


best song evah!

da best crud eva!

this stuff is like drugs: it's addicting to listen to!!!!! best music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This isnt yours. it was originally made by texas faggot, no reckognition of him in the description.
Totally agree NoirResurection, this wasnt done well.
Sorry to give you a 0, but this isnt the song from Smbz, and it HAS been killed since the original version.

sebbeshs responds:

Can't take it away... I have started to ignore this song.