Reviews for "Smbz: The Big Brawl"

its the best

it sounds like the battle of the boss


nice song. 10/10

Still awesome

Everybody should all know who did this already, especially if they seen Andrew Dickman's flash "Rockman Neo". Besides, your comment gave it away. Then again, kids nowadays don't read lol.

Anyways, its nice you're able to get this soundtrack ^^ its old but still kicking ass

Sorry that you Got Abused by NG Public

Man, it's a tough crowd in this place, Yes the song is called "Back to Mad" by Texas Faggot, but it isn't right for everyone to bash someone who is paying tribute to a Flash Series which is featured here on Newgrounds. Episode 6 of Super Mario Bros Z features this song as the main battle music. If any of you would have taken the time to notice that, maybe you wouldn't have incorrectly bashed this person. Take the time to make sure you don't call someone out on something that you're wrong about.

sebbeshs responds:

Agreed. Thanks for support :D

Dude this songs awesome!

Ive heard this song somewere before but whats it from? Really cool tho. But did you really make it yourself?

sebbeshs responds:

Most likely in SMBZ... And no, I DID not make it myself.