Reviews for "Smbz: The Big Brawl"

Great song man

Nice tekno music its so great music
10/10 masterful music


i honestly don't know what to do with this... you did modify it a bit but it just seems you just took the parts with the words out. If you go to 1:05 and 1:57 you can here that there's a slight skip as to where the words would originally be. That's pretty much all i can see that's different. and you actually did give some credit to back to mad (made by texas faggot) so i don't knkow what to so with this. I'm not a mod but I just wanted to point out the difficulties i had with this song...

sebbeshs responds:

I know, I Know. I Actually Thought I'd Take This Off, But Suprisingly I Cant... I Seems That The People Liked It Such That I Cant Remov NOR Edit This.

This is indefinitely, positively, AWESOME!

this was used in Stick Figures on Crack 3 on youtube.

other songs are SLAYED by this one.


I'v been waiting to find a way to get this and now i have. Thanks. The films rock aswell don't u think?


It's pretty badass that you took this epic song and made it without the vocals! I give only a 9 because there are parts that need to be fixed.