Reviews for "Mad Libs 1"

Funny idea...

The main story about this "game" is that you have to answer questions like put in a name a famous movie star. When you have finally answerd the 10-15 questions, you'll get a story with the words you've given, good and funny stuff. Also a background music with funny, but irritating sound.
But if you played it once, you don't feel to play it again, so the replay factor is really low.

+Points: Good story, good idea.
-Points: Replay factor, music.

Reccomend looking grate: B-

UnsidedSoftware responds:

We understand how the replay factor for these is low. That is why we keep making these Mad Libs -- to keep interest in the series.

Good stuff

That was really cool. Took long but the stupid story was worth my almost useless time!! I'm gonna go watch the other one now

I love these things

It would be a little better if the whole story could be displayed at once. And for the people who don't understand basic English, put down a glossary of what adjective/verb/etc means.

Ha ha ha ha

Really amusing when you mix it with Orlando Bloom and his penis


lmao give them to me or you'll have to suck the dog for an hour.