Reviews for "Mad Libs 1"

These Are Fun

I managed to make a really imature Mad Lib with my friend. It worked out pretty good. It is much funner than doing it on a crappy piece of paper.

Unlike Mad Libs 5, you cant paste:(

This one you cant copy and paste, which sucked.
But i did like the story of this one better, which i am not going to type down all the way!

The music on here was very neat...
I would like to see more of these type of things on newgrounds!



Sound:Nothing to speacial with the sound but its not neccesary.

Interactivity:You cant get more interactive then having to make the paragraph work lol.

Style:Cool style, i should have noticed that you have done more seeing that i have reviewed one of your later ones, hehe

Violence:No violence.

Humor:Mine came out very unusual and some of it didnt quiet make since but most of it was funny.

Overall:Well this was another great effort good idea, keep it up!

UnsidedSoftware responds:

We've fixed up ML1 to look like all the other MLs, but Newgrounds won't accept changes made to submissions with over 5000 views. We will update it as soon as we can.

Fuckin a that was great

That was such a good one.."he pulled the bedsheet over his left nut"....."you have to fuck the chinchilla for a whole decade"!

MadLibs are a wonderworld powerhouse for those of us with intensely perverted minds. Thank you.


THis was the funniest verse I had....And you have to fuck the cheetah for a whole hour.