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Author Comments

This was a project I did for my design studio. I would appreciate serious feedback.

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*That biatch before me had no idea what he was talking about and apparently couldn't even spell. Now, on with the review.*
Very clever use of shape tweening in here, also I like how it was only with four colors. The music got a little tiring and seemed too intense for this piece, but overall it was good.

As Art

its ok. bt this is NG, not sumwhere sophisticated. shit when i open sumfin, i expect 2laugh, b sickend, or both.

i urge u all 2vote 0 on this evry nite till its blammed

no offence, bt it duznt belong ere. u seem like u hav the talent 2make sum decent shit, come bak then


This was a artfull masterpiece.


The only reason you have a high score of 3 and a high vote is because you vote 5 on this worthless thing every night!


U nicked the sound file from FF8, the poem was good yet, and the white background was seriously snore creating. Sorry, but this, despite being good seriously, doesnot deserve a place on NG, a site famed for sickness, humour, and parody. Go stick it on a serious arts site or summin else bo-ring.

Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2000
6:42 PM EST
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