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Going Home

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"The original title I tried t use was "Coming Back Home" but it said that name was taken so I used this one. For some reason it got submitted twice under both names. Sorry if you wasted your time clicking on both!

I've gotten good responses for my "Gone Away For Awhile" movie so I figured I'd post a new toon before I go on Spring Break. It isn't as good as I had hoped, but I hope everyone enjoys it just the same.

Suggestions how to improve future cartoons is welcomed and appreciated.

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I liked it!

I have to say that was one fine story, a short story but it was nice.
I think the sound in the movie was totaly good, but i think you missed a bit becouse it was so short.
Keep up the good work.
I liked it!

umm, they had sex while he was wounded huh...?

WTF!! he got his damn stomach sliced the Fuk open!! and hes on top getting rdy to pound her meat!! first of all he would be in soo much damn pain!! and second all the blood would and guts would of just ploped out! on too her face!! LOL

other than that this was kinda boring and crap but i gave you a mediocre score!


Graphics: I liked the girls blue hair.. that's about it

Sound: I liked the song and that's why you have a 5

Style: Unoriginal, boring, lack of creativity

Humor: Uh..wasn't funny?

Interactivity: The kiss was extremely weird, they kinda got pushed forward without the heads moving or anything.. it's like the guy used psychic powers to attract her forward.

Overall: Please use your imagination next time, it could have been better

like.. a team of ninjas came in and killed them before they had sex and then the woman was brutally murded by chopsticks to add humor... lol


((( OK )))

Well it was interesting, i do like your flash effects with the fading away and all, great detail in the art aswell, the end just didnt make any sence though maybe its not meant to, but still anyways a great artistic view...




Ok yah a fiew things. Did he die? Did they have sex and she was jsut kinky and liekd the blood on her? and was this just an excuse for you to make a Porno with cartoons?

G-Fresh717 responds:

Haha...my ex wanted me to make a toon porno, but I didn't know how much I could get away with on Newgrounds so I made it somewhat tasteful. I also got very lazy and just threw it together quickly because I lose interest fast.

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2003
3:27 PM EST