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Hunter/ Deacon: part 3

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Author Comments

Ok to make this clear because I was not clear before. THIS STORY IS FICTION!
I can't beleive people thought it was true and flamed me for it. specially the violence.
it's a bad cartoon yes but it's not real.
Also The music credits are at the end. I didn;t use any newground music because at the time
it wasn't available.
so: Voltaire/ Tool/Enya/ Danzig... I will use flashkit soon

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Very tense atmosphere

awesome please make another

the best i love that song that voltaire sings when your evil its so awesome

It was excellent-especially the used of mythology

You are very correct in terms of mythology. After Cain left heaven, four archangels came to him and asked him to repent, when he refused each angel cursed him additionally. First that he could only drink blood and eat ashes, then that he could never look upon the sun without pain, then whatever earth he touched would produce nothing. I don't remember the fourth exactly. Otherwise, beautiful work.

Imp-beast responds:

thank you I am going to rework the annoying button part and reworking the entire thing soon

Is this even true?

God...is this stuff even correct? Did Cain even actually make a deal with the devil and do all those stuff? I'm not too sure he could only feast on blood and ashes....I really doubt that is true.....I didn't like how you changed everything that probably didn't even really happen. Basically....this whole thing doesn't seem theoretically correct..i'm sorry...it just bugged really badly at that incompetence

Imp-beast responds:

well ofcourse its' not correct in the series I wrote it as fake for the sake of the story
besides im doing a rewrite and fixing up all the story. If you call poetic license incompetent then yeah.


to many bottons,and plus i could make somehthing like that and i have never done one before, meaning its a pile of steaming horse shit

Imp-beast responds:

im sure you can make great peaces of rubbish -a pile of steaming horse shit
who am I doubt you there =D

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4.15 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2003
8:10 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place February 15, 2003