Death & Birth of a Star

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Super Nova of a red giant creates new life. Death is only the beginning

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Actually Deadman126...

Technically, not all starts turn into black holes, some just explode and spew out gases that span for miles and miles and miles and miles and alot more miles....until all the gas comes together to form a new star!

it is to acurate

you are just dumb cause it is true some stars exhaust there supply of hydrogen some implode and turn in to a black hole and some do what he showed and if you want to get dam technicle about the stupid white dwarfs cooling it takes 1.5 times as long as the univers has been in creation (according to the big bang theory timeline at least) also there is somethings you can not prove thats why all this is theory shithead so get it in your simian brain HeroicdamDevil that this could be accurate and is a realy cool idea and flash JOEVIll keep up the good work its nice to see something to do with learning on this sight i really apreaciated it

Not very accurate

The "death" of a star only facilitates a new star if in erupts in a Nova or Supernova. Most stars upon exhausting their supply of hydrogen, and then helium will condense into a white dwarf, and once it radiates the remaining heat energy it becomes a black dwarf, a cold, black crystaline mass undetectable by any means from earth.

Very nice!

I use that idea, "death is only the beginning" in my RPG. This is quite a nice little clip. Good one!

remember me?

yah im the guy u called a homo when i reviewed the gay mario movie. u know what? ur the one thats a fag who cant email me and say it and has to tell someone else about it. dont ever talk behind peoples back man its bad. i mean im shy when i first get to know people too but when i make friends i never talk behind there backs. anyway.... the movie was okay u could of made it better and i also didnt give it a 2 because i like supernovas:)

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Nov 30, 2000
3:03 AM EST
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