Reviews for "Death & Birth of a Star"


nice graphics, neat, but rather boring

Good Job

Some of These People Can't Comprehend This Stuff I Mean I Love The Stars Do One With a Black Hole If ya don't Know What That Is A Spinnig Invisible Hole That Spells Death To Anything That Comes Near It


pretty cool, I liked space ever since i was very little. just so u dont get a low score from the slowwwerr peoples, a little explaining is needed

see you on the field: JT&co

Very nice!

I use that idea, "death is only the beginning" in my RPG. This is quite a nice little clip. Good one!

it is to acurate

you are just dumb cause it is true some stars exhaust there supply of hydrogen some implode and turn in to a black hole and some do what he showed and if you want to get dam technicle about the stupid white dwarfs cooling it takes 1.5 times as long as the univers has been in creation (according to the big bang theory timeline at least) also there is somethings you can not prove thats why all this is theory shithead so get it in your simian brain HeroicdamDevil that this could be accurate and is a realy cool idea and flash JOEVIll keep up the good work its nice to see something to do with learning on this sight i really apreaciated it