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Escape from Elm Street

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Also, be sure to check out the REMAKE of this game:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/323239

This game took 6 months, off and on, to create. Please take the time to explore and check everything. There are many small details in here. The engine was inspired by Shadowgate.


Awesome game man!

This game is incredible! I can see how it would take you six months to make it (due to the complex programming and whatnot). I dont think the two people who gave this movie shitty reviews have any idea how hard it is to program games like this. Great Game, I loved it.

PWfilms is dumb

I mean the wooden board solved the first puzzle and the paper on the wall solved the second. The Operating pw was on the manual. The holy water was hard though, didn't know what to do with the weed until I read the walkthrough. Nice, hope you make more like these.

PWFilms has a point...

This game isnt fun at all. It really isnt. Its like riding through those fucking sing-a-long Disney rides, you wanna make it stop, but you have to wade through a pile of piss water to do it. Or click the close button, whichever comes first.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Wow, I'm really understanding Sess right now..... salmon, you have no idea how hard it is to create any kind of decent flash game. You have one shitty movie on NG, which is a tribute to another movie cause you can't come up with anything good yourself. At least PWF had somewhat valid criticism. You rated every aspect of my movie an absolute zero.


This really wasn't that entertaining. The graphics weren't that great, and the story line was drab, even though you stole it from a well made story. Going through level after level, and completing the two puzzles you made in the game (that are near impossible to figure out without reading your little manual), just made me really bored and not in the least entertained. Even the endings were horrible. Though I sat through both, the "good" ending, had in fact, no redeeming qualities except another few seconds of your animation. Though you may be a good game creater, I would think of it in the best of your abilities to leave the storyline and graphics to someone else... Good luck on other projects, because this really wasn't that great.

Afro-Ninja responds:

Really? only 2 puzzles? Could have swore I put more in there somewhere. Sorry for not putting in brain dead puzzles that everyone can sleep through. The rope puzzle is not hard, I've had several friends test it with no problem. Just think a little. And I'm sorry that absolutely nothing in my game entertained you. I'll work harder next time to achieve a status like yours, aka no portal awards and a 2.2 average.

you obviously ripped off Last Half of Darkness

A very old pc game with almost all the same as this game
However as its been very nicely converted to flash I gave it a 5

Afro-Ninja responds:

what the hell is last half of darkness?

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2003
7:12 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place February 6, 2003