Reviews for "Escape from Elm Street"

OMG!! The map says we are fucked!!

I didn't have room for my last name, my name is Ally Toeuth and then when i was going to put the h at my last name thingy it didn't fit??!?!?!? O.o

I BEAT THE WHOLE GAME TODAY I DIDNT NEED ANYONES HELP. : )But I dontt really care if its short.

I assume you've never smoked pot xD

Good game. I truly enjoyed it.. however the part SPOILER: where you smoke weed watching the TV... you totally made it out to be as if he just dropped acid :p and the joint burned halfway down in one hit xD these are VERY minor flaws and they don't affect the rating of the game. I just got a good laugh out of it. Haha.


great do u think you could help me make a game like this??