Reviews for "Escape from Elm Street"

This could have been so much better. I think my biggest complaint is how small the screen is. You also have to click on the lower side of the screen. It was at least interesting with how it was set up. I guess you have to be a fan of the movies to understand this. I thought he could only attack you in dreams?

Why would going to a house hurt you? Again, I'm not a fan. I still like how it's pretty organized. The graphics aren't bad. It's just not very memorable.

Awesome game. I love Freddy Krueger. ANOES is my favorite horror series.

The tv chase is funny

I can't believe I thought this game was so scary when I was a kid...well it's been 12 years since then and I felt like taking a trip down memory lane and replaying this. It's very nostalgic for me, LOL

good game the grave stone was a great touch