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C.O.W. (Creatively Organized Waffles)

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The swiss mountains 5 Points

Beat level 1

Breakfast in the chalet 10 Points

Beat level 2

Inside the cow 25 Points

Beat level 3

Transition through the arcade 10 Points

Beat level 4

Mother Russia calls! 50 Points

Beat level 5

Over the clouds 25 Points

Beat level 6

SPACE! 100 Points

Beat level 7

Author Comments

Sort and rearrange tiles in this fast-paced puzzle game!

V1.2 Update : Fixed a few bugs: tutorial pages must be closed manually to prevent closing them without reading, drag and drop on generators hopefully feels better, better text on the tutorial, fixed last achievement not unlocking. Added a "go back to generator button" (Backspace or R). Added numbers to level select screen. Better post-game (levels continue to go faster after beating them). WARNING : due to the game being unity webgl and newgrounds update, your previous save will be erased... sorry D:

V1.1 Update : Now less difficult! Goals are lower, game speed is slower.

C.O.W. iu_373397_7855526.png is a puzzle game inspired by my love for Lumines and other puzzle games like Meteos, PuyoPuyo and - of course - Tetris. 

Pick and place blocks in the colored zones to destroy them and score big! The block's counter will go down when placed correctly ; once it reached zero, they disappear and you get points. As the timer passes, new blocks are generated - so watch out, once the generators are all filled up, it's game over!

Will you be able to finish all 7 levels and get the biggest score?


  • 7 levels featuring hand-drawn backgrounds, music and different gameplay mechanics
  • An arcade mode, and a level select / score mode
  • A pretty good start screen, if I say so myself
  • A trippy ending!


  • Color-blind friendly mode (tested the best of my capacity, feedback welcome!)
  • By default the game is played in "Drag & drop mode". However it was designed with the "Pick & place mode" which I find less straining for the fingers (and easier for faster levels!).


  • Left click : pick & place pieces
  • Left click pressed (costs 100 points) : clear a zone of all tiles inside
  • Right click/Q/W : rotate
  • Mouse wheel : next/previous piece
  • Mouse wheel click / Space bar : pass time
  • Escape/P : Pause
  • Backspace/R : returns current block to generator if possible


Pro-player tip : Keep pressing in a zone and all blocks will be cleared! (costs points)


Like my previous game, this one has been on the back-burner for the last 10 years. Originally called "Inside a cow" the idea was a game about digesting ingredients inside a cow's multiple stomachs. So you digest it a bit in the first one, then you could go on in the second and third to continue digesting. Then the idea of multiple screen with different themes came and the design changed to get this. I kept the cow as the main theme because it was funny and I really really wanted to make this start screen. Isn't it cool? :D

Hope you have fun! Thanks for checking the game out iu_373398_7855526.png

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Interesting Concept

So this game had an interesting concept some cow action and some tetris binding made for a fresh and fun game Keep the vibe and fusion of games like this alive because this was a solid game Creativity that's what this game brings to the table with some good style some very nice but most of all you keep it all pact in and not boring and that was a big plus for me, Fun tetris and cow type of game it was fun


LeSam responds:

Thanks for playing and the comment!

That's exactly what I was going for :D

If you had fun with it, all the better!

One thing is extremely infuriating: why can't I simply put down a piece that I am holding in my hand on one of the 4 free spots? Why the game refuses to allow me to do so instead forcing me to hold it until I put it on the board?

LeSam responds:

It should be be a bit more logical in the latest release (hopefully). Feel free to try again if you want :)

Thanks for playing!

Edit: never mind, the achievement is functioning as normal, the connection must have bugged out (on two separate occasions :0). My internet is a little sketchy, so that could be it.
I really liked the idea behind the game. Moving the pentominoes around and trying to find the best fit in a very short time is quite hectic and actually really fun.
If you're interested in adding to the game, one thing that might be appreciated is an endless mode. Maybe the board could switch around midlevel? That would add a layer of difficulty separate from the timer.
p.s. The bovine theme is really silly lol :D

LeSam responds:

Dang, really sorry about that!! I'll look into it asap!

Thanks for playing though! And congrats on reaching the end :D

Edit also : OK! Thanks for the feedback! Maybe in a C.O.W. 2 ?^^

I barely beat level1.. level2 is too fast paced for me.

LeSam responds:

Sorry😥 I just released an update with slower pace and easier goals. Feel free to try again :)

its so hard

LeSam responds:

Feel free to try the new updated version, it should be a bit less difficult!

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2021
6:11 AM EDT
  • Unity