MKFight3: Dork vs Dweeb

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This is my First attempt at a Mk Style Fight in Flash. I had better practice now, and I think this is the best one I done so far.

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like PV Hermen wuld say:"This is crap,wraped turds"
Its just stupid.it has as much to do with MK as Dog kombat.
And what do you mean your 1st attempt at a MK style fight?what in this is MK style?the fatality?well your "FATALITY" was the most retarded thing ive ever seen in my life so that cant be it. 0/5,0/10

I tend to agree with circuitbreaker94

I have to go along with circuitbreaker on this one, even though it has apparently been rated as useless. One comment below me.... yet written almost 3 YEARS ago. I guess that shows how popular this is. And it deserves every bit of said popularity. No, it deserves a little less than that. One viewer per decade maybe.

It gets ONE star because of the effort surely put into animating it. Even though it sucks so bad. One giant elephant crap indeed.

Dear god almighty...

This is one giant elephant crap. Try to add better stuff like GRAPHICS. BETTER SOUNDS. MORE VIOLENCE. AND A BETTER IDEA INSTEAD OF TWO DORKS FIGHTING.

It's was alright

i liked it, it was fucked up but it was original, and i'd like to see most of the people who bag it out do better

Hey,al least you tried.

This might not be the most popular,but at least you gave it a shot.Just give it time,you'll be doing good shit in no time.I liked it by the way.It was strange,but hey,we all are.

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2000
5:41 AM EST
Comedy - Parody