Reviews for "MKFight3: Dork vs Dweeb"

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it didn't suck. i actually thought it was pretty good

For 1mb

They could've atleast mixed up the fighting a bit better. Not that it would've improved the quality of this movie by more than a few points. I don't now, the whole thing just seems...blah to me.

uh ok

it was eally long and there was no point to it

A critique of all 3 of your movies.

These are actually pretty good. I have to admit, I didn't think they were that good when I read the reviews. But, I was surprised. But, I don't get the "Style Fight" bit. And why is the fight with the cat vs. the guy in the box called "Son Vs Mother"???? Anyway, pretty good job. Just avoid making any shit like "Mario Bros. Spoof--Jamie Bros".


pritty good