A Single Speck

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It seems that most people don't like the bird too much. I wanted to make something different for it. Sorry 'bout that, maybe I'll make a follow up movie for the little islander people.

Thanks for the reviews and I appreciate that you guys like the animation style. All my future movies will actually have plots, along with that style.

I tried a new method of preloader with the switch to Flash MX but it failed. That's why I included a stream all button. Click on that to play it.

This is a little test that I made for my new Wacom art pad that I got. The animation greatly outranks anything I have ever done, and I experimented with new shading methods, etc. It started out as just black and white, so if color looks weird sometimes that's because it was added in when I decided to submit this to Newgrounds. Sound was also added, although it is not everywhere. I think you guys will enjoy this.

My favorite part is the one with Pikachu in it.

And if you didn't notice, all of the shit is killed in the movie while the cool survives, this is a little tribute to good movies.



WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU KILLED PIKACHU!!!!!!!!!

This was pretty damn funny in places. Do you still do any animation?

Here's ur reasons

The storyline is very very odd, and really just from the beginning it starts slowly. I mean, the bird takes too much time getting out of his egg and after that sum stupid rock starts chasing him down a hill?! What the hell!

MrGuru responds:

I think the bird is quite cute.

im gonna have to agree with gihi

this was by far one of the most pointless and stupid things ive ssen in my short life....1/5

MrGuru responds:

Why? Could you give me some reasons?

I would love to able to say somthing smart,

But christ, wtf was that. Animated well, but to be frank it offered nothing special to see that was worth waiting for an eternity of the chikcen falling (althought i did before I voted). With a story this could just be sane.

MrGuru responds:

Well, as I said above, this was simply a test of my new animation. And I'm happy you guys seemed to like the style. Sorry about the "chicken," I did realize it may have been stretched a little.

Te second part of this rocked!!

The beginning was too slow and wasn't too interesting, but once you got past the bird and into the army of the People-Things this was very funny! I'd lose that whole beginning sequence (it's so disconnected it's like a separate cartoon anyway) and just make this about the People-Things going off to war. The "extra feature" was just a one-off joke...unnecessary but okay I suppose...but those People-Things cracked me up.

MrGuru responds:

The whole thing was just an animation test, so it was sort of random. The "extra movie" that you can watch while it loads was the first thing I drew, and after that I started with the bird. Once its blood started dancing it started to change into something zany and weird, like my other movies. I guess I'm just stuck leaning in that direction. :-D Thanks for the review.

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2.92 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2003
3:42 PM EST
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