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Ostrich Run

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7 Years of Bad Luck 5 Points

Breaking a glass for the first time

Can't Touch This 10 Points

Hide your head for the first time

All the Single Ostriches 25 Points

Rescue all the ostriches in a non tutorial level

I Want to Break Free 25 Points

Break a reinforced glass with the help of another ostrich

Stronger Together 50 Points

Finish the game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

If you are having issues when playing it, consider downloading the desktop version itch.io


Ostrich Run is a game where you guide a horde of ostriches out of a lab. Take every ostrich you can and avoid the multiple hazards on your way out. The ostriches will help you break harder windows and rescue more ostriches.

Make sure to save them all!

About the game:

This game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1. The theme for the jam was "Stronger Together".


  • 15 different levels with incremental difficulty
  • 4 types of enemies
  • Laser turret
  • Stun robot
  • Security camera
  • Land mine
  • Unique custom music
  • A bunch of ostriches
  • Hats
  • Funny physics
  • Fun for the whole family


Artists: Hugo Miraballes & Nicolás Rivero

Programming: Lautaro Bravo de la Serna & Facundo Balboa

Music: Santiago Bravo de la Serna


You can also download a desktop version at itch.io

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I've just finished the game and thought it was really fun! The level of challenge ramps up well, going from easy to just hard enough on the final level. The hats add a nice bit of variety. I encountered no bugs in the gameplay or lag, other than one of the ostriches suddenly growing a 300 ft neck at one point.

However, one thing that may need fixing is that if you beat a level with 3 ostriches and then play again and save 4 ostriches, the level select counter doesn't update. That means you need to wipe your save file and start again if you want a perfect score. It's worth playing again though!

because my review got deleted for no reason

fix the "runtime error memory out of bounds" bug when I click the level 1
it probably means that the source code is mess
and if you don't know how to make games in unity without having bugs, use different platform

MonoFlauta responds:

Hi fuckoffasshole,
I believe the last review got deleted because the aggresive tone you used. I flagged it because I think there are better ways to give feedback. Probably you can find info about that on internet. I think one way to improve this is by not telling someone that doesn't know what he does and telling how to improve at the things you consider important.

Leaving that note aside. I find possible the error you find. The game was made for a Game Jam in less than a week and not optimized for web. Also, when you click the level 1, the game loads a new scene with a bunch of content poorly optimized because the speed in which the game was made. Being said this, I only have in my defense that I don't have the latest PC and I could complete the game. Also, I believe that you are the first one telling us you can't play the game and only HerbieG told us that has performance issues.
Being totally honest, I think probably more people had your issue and even more people had HerbieG issue but I also think that lots of people with lower PC aspecs was able to play it or if not we wouldn't have the score the game has.
I am not trying to defend ourselfs in terms of optimization, because I can confirm we didn't make any.

Said this, I want to focus on trying to have your problem solved so you can collect the medals. The runtime error you are receiving can come even if you have the latest PC.
I am not sure what browser you are using, but in Firefox I had that error some months before and it was because I wasn't assigning enough memory to the browser. Firefox has a limit by default and for Unity games usually is pretty low. Even more if the game is in 3D.
If you are using chrome. I also experienced this issue long time ago but it didn't happen again to me. I wanted to search how to set up this and send you the information but I couldn't find it. Sorry about this, maybe chrome by default now increases ram and something else is blocking it?
If you are using other browser, I suggest you search how to upgrade the amount the browser can use. If you need any help, please feel free to pm me.

For last, I appreciate your honest review, as a feedback I would consider you should try to avoid telling people that they can't do something. Instead, find friendly ways to improve. I had been working in the videogame industry for more than 10 years and it is never nice when you talk aggressively to someone who put their soul and effort just to entertain you. Though, I do believe your score is fair because you couldn't play it, hope we can find a fix and make it work and maybe you like it.

If you need anything, don't hesitate in pm me.
Thank you

It desperately needs an ability to rotate the camera view.
Also it could be a bit easier to handle for not-so-young computers.
And maybe a general command to stop moving for all the ostriches would be useful, since sometimes they just run around like crazy.
But it is still an awesome game!

MonoFlauta responds:

The problem with rotating the camera was the hand placed walls, but yes, it would had been nice as you say :P

About the not-so-young computers, this game was made in less than a week for a game jam. Of course it would had been nice and sorry we couldn't make it :(

For last, you can use the space bar to hide, that will stop all of them while they hide. Other than that, our goal was to have that chaotic horde feeling.

Glad you liked it and thank you for playing!

Okay, f'n hilarious so win for you. fun stuff. Officially want an open world platformer with that ostrich

MonoFlauta responds:

Lol, I like the open world idea :P Thank you for playing!

what medals complet game dont work ? :(

MonoFlauta responds:

Did you won all the levels, saw the final scene and didn't get all the medals? Could you tell us what happened? Just played through the whole game and worked for me

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2021
8:14 AM EST
  • Unity