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Weapons for battles 25 Points

The group found some weapons in the temple.

Open your eyes 25 Points

Kevin accidentally killed Alex.

Don't forget me 25 Points

Finish a playthrough without playing as Amy.

Girls just wanna have some fun 25 Points

Alex and Amy escaped on their own.

Weight of guilt 50 Points

Michael was caught by the cultists and Kevin couldn't save him.

A better version of me. 10 Points

Unlock IRREVERENT status for Michael.

A Cowardly Man 10 Points

Unlock SELFISHNESS status for Kevin.

The Final Girl 10 Points

Unlock EMPATHY status for Alex.

Read our article tomorrow! 10 Points

Everyone escaped from the island.

Misfortune 10 Points

Nobody escaped from the island.

Ahoy Alex! 25 Points

Alex, and perhaps Kevin, took a boat and abandoned Michael and Amy to die on the island.

Nipping Evil in the bud 50 Points

Michael killed the Cult Leader.

True Explorer 25 Points

Collect all map fragments.

Author Comments

This game was based off of a previous game I made called Misfortune. I tried to make a deeper and tying plot instead of a unresolved, empty story like my last game. Well... I tried.

Four youngsters decide to explore a tropical island where they discover a mysterious temple, but... there's something weird happening there. Choose how this adventure will proceed and try to save your friends.

Collect all map fragments to unlock the Choices Map.

Follow me on Twitter: @tanooki_81


[Arrows/WASD] Jump, walk, enter doors and control camera on Choices Map.

[X/K] Interact/hold blocks.

[Mouse] Select choices.

[Esc] Pause/go back.

[PATCH 1 - 02/18/2021]

- Textures fixed and improved;

- Save State (checkpoint) resource added (it may not work properly if you had saved your progress on oldder patches);

- Minor bugs fixed.

[PATCH 2 - 02/23/2021]

- Save State and Local Storage files conflict fixed (now you can collect all map fragments).

[PATCH 3 - 03/02/2021]

- Textures improved;

- Grammatical improvement;

[PATCH 4 - 05/28/2021]

- SFX improvement;

- Minor layout changes;

- Minor bugs fixed.

Fateless Guide 1 - Map Fragments: https://tanooki81.newgrounds.com/news/post/1226549

Rate it and share your experience below ;)

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The Map Fragment Location

Fragment #1 - By Michael at the beach in the begining of the game

Fragment #2 - Above an explosive trap bridge
(You have to get Amy into a pit to get it)

Fragment #3 - Above the dead end with the exploding cubes

Fragment #4 - In the room with the bow and arrow down the moat to the left
(You have to move the crate to get the cube and put it place to get it)

Fragment #5 - Above the exit
(You have to move the crate the bottom level to the button to get it)

Fragment #6 - Next to the pipe above in the pipe room

Fragment #7 - In the water room
(You have to get there after killing the cult leader)

Fragment #8 - Next to exit of the spike pit
(You have to kill the cult leader in order to get to room)

Amazing game. Nice choice tree.

Your tutorial is great until you get to the pause and checkpoint section. I've tried it multiple times, the esc button isn't connected to the pause interface. besides that, it's a pretty good game.

nice game. im speedrunning to get all map pieces, because its too cool

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2021
8:46 PM EST
  • Construct 2