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Zelda Hero High (Ep 3) - Hey Listen!

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After a close call with Principal Dorfman, Zee starts to have doubts about continuing to play Smash as Shah. Meanwhile, Devi cooks up a plan to make Rock and the cool kids finally notice her musical talents as Major-A!

Executive Producers

Phil Jasicki

Joel Rubin

Created and Written by

Woody Tondorf

Animation Director

Laura "ArtistGamerGal" Kerger

Production Supervisor

Kyle Shire


Barbara Dunkelman - Zee

Reina Scully - Devi

Dan Prevette - Principal Dorfman

Lesley Tsina - Imelda

Dan Mills - Rock

Ricky Hayberg - Lincoln

Parker Coppins - Tinkle, Birdman

Woody Tondorf - Teacher

Animation by Studio FXB


Laura Kerger

Griffin Harris

Hero High theme by


Ruby Imes

Carli Jensen

Hannah Montero

Kristina Van Horst

Major-A Theme by

Sapphire Sandalo

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Animation flowed well, and the colors were spot on. It feels to me like I am watching a video game instead of a movie. Each character has their own style and personality. I was very surprised when Link finally spoke. I would of definitely liked to see it made longer.

He has spoken.
I love it


He speaks!

I'm so happy that someone finally gave Link a voice. I've played almost every game since the beginning on NES (I'm old now :( ) and it was one of the things that always bothered me.