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Zelda Hero High (Ep 2) - The Shah

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It's Picture Day at Hero High and Zee is mortified when her mom forces her to wear the garb of her people, the Sheikah. It also happens to be the first day of tryouts for the Varsity Smash team, and

Zee is determined to make the squad!

ArtistGamerGal Twitter

Executive Producers

Phil Jasicki

Joel Rubin

Created and Written by

Woody Tondorf

Animation Director

Laura "ArtistGamerGal" Kerger

Production Supervisor

Kyle Shire


Barbara Dunkelman - Zee

Reina Scully - Devi

Dan Prevette - Principal Dorfman

Lesley Tsina - Imelda

Dan Mills - Rock

Ricky Hayberg - Lincoln

Parker Coppins - Tinkle, Birdman

Woody Tondorf - Teacher

Animation by Studio FXB


Griffin Harris

Rob Reilly

Kevin Ryan

Bill Cass

Hero High theme by


Ruby Imes

Carli Jensen

Hannah Montero

Kristina Van Horst

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Yeah, this is really impressive. Love the artwork, great sense of colour, and you can tell a lot of effort went into these. I guess this is what Newgrounds 2.0 feels like. Followed and looking forward to future episodes!

Link being the "somewhat dumb but pretty chill and not entirely helpless" character is such a perfect fit and I love it.

cool smooth animations

For real this is legend.
Make more!

-Hail Cobra

cute, but didn't like the soud effects :) nice work