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Thanks for FP! Voice acting by Gianni and Mattyburito

Izzy and Robby team up to fight bad guys

10 food = full powerup for both characters, 5 food for Izzy's Dash

There is a wall jump for both character but no double jump.

PRESS 3 for Full Screen -- Arrow keys to move -- S, D for attacks

A to switch characters and down key to drop character when riding.

FOR MOBLIE TAP THE CHARATER'S HEARTS. Tap player to switch players

I hope you all enjoy this!

Happy Pixel Day!!! For a sneak-peak of the original


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So the idea of this game is fun and it seems to play well the view screen was small and sometimes laggy but not too much overall it was a fun game would love to see you advance on it.

as suggested


scottwjsm responds:

Thank you I am building Izzy's Quest now! It will be out before another pixel art game I am working on :)

Really...really glitchy 😅

meh. kinda good.

The pixel graphics are too small, they should be larger. Controls can be confusing. especially when switching between the characters. I had a few glitching issues while I was playing. The game feels more like a demo than a finished game. If you polish it up and correct the glitches, it will improve.

Man, I really want to like this game, but at the moment, it's simply too janky and glitchy for me to have a good experience with it. The game does seem to have a lot of potential: I love the coop nature of the game, switching between the two characters and using their respective powers to solve puzzles or do cool team-up attacks and such, and I love that there are some neat bosses with multiple moves and phases to battle through. However, it was just confusing to play. I couldn't figure out how the buttons and moves for the characters work: for example despite the dog not having a wall clutch animation (a glitchy wall clutch animation) like the mouse, he can still wall jump off of his nose or something? Boss fights would just devolve into a weird mish-mash of objects appearing and disappearing, animations glitching and not looping properly, attacking and damage just happening with no reason or feedback, and many times it would look like the boss would die despite it being my health that was depleted, only for it to wait for a few awkward seconds until it respawns me and I have to do the fight again. I think there is some neat stuff in here somewhere but at the moment, it's just lost in a raw, undercooked mish-mash of weirdness. If you can fix this up, I'd love to see a remastered version of it!

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2021
11:24 PM EST