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Sonic RPG Episode 10 - The Final Chapter

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Finally it's my turn 5 Points

Start a New Game

Around and Around We Go 10 Points

Clear Stage 2 'Normal Mode'

Chaotic Victory 10 Points

Finish a Stage with Mighty Drive activated

Chapter 01 10 Points

Watch Cutscene 1

Chapter 02 10 Points

Watch Cutscene 2

Chapter 03 10 Points

Watch Cutscene 3

Chapter 04 10 Points

Watch Cutscene 4

Chapter 05 10 Points

Watch Cutscene 5

Cheater 10 Points

Check 'Stage Select'

Clear Head 10 Points

Win a Struggle on Stage 2

Curious Mind 10 Points

Check 'Animation Gallery'

Driveless Soul 10 Points

Finish a Stage with no Drive activated

Glass Cannon 10 Points

Finish a Stage with Knuckle Drive activated

Moon Walker 10 Points

On Stage 1 use “Light Speed Judgement” and set the stage on the moon

Team says Hi! 10 Points

Check 'Authors Credits'

The Proper Place 10 Points

Finish off Seelkadoom with the Limit Drive “Light Speed Judgement”

Treacherous Speed 10 Points

Finish a Stage with Sonic Drive activated

True Hyper 10 Points

Finish a Stage with Hyper Drive activated

Waking World 10 Points

Clear Stage 1 'Normal Mode'

Brave Punchbag 25 Points

Clear a Stage Without Healer

Break Damage Limit 25 Points

Deal above 9999 Damage with one attack besides a Limit Drive

Hope of a Decade 25 Points

Clear Stage 3 'Normal Mode'

No More Running Away 25 Points

Clear Stage 2 'Sonic Must Die Mode'

Terminal Effort 25 Points

Win Final Stage

The True Superior Hedgehog 25 Points

Clear Stage 1 'Sonic Must Die Mode'

The Apex Predator 50 Points

Clear Stage 3 'Sonic Must Die Mode'

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

UPDATE: -January 2021- If you are unable to play the game on Newgrounds, access it on Gamejolt for now:


So, after 8 years on limbo, this project got finally done!

We assembled a super team to get this done! Thank you to everyone that kept with us all this time! Hope you, most of all, are glad how this turned out! Have fun!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Download and use Newgrounds Player to play this game as it was intended, even after Flash death!

ALSO: The game is +250Mbits BIG! So be patient and let it load.

Also Also; if you want to help all the Animators involved in this please donate on this link below:


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Unable to play. Only get flash icon in newgrounds player.

honestly i played your sonic rpg serie since i was at least 10 years old and im now 19 and i finished all of the serie. You really ended the serie with a bang. it couldn't be more perfect :).

Keep making amazing games my guy :)

I already played this game, it is just perfect, but I was wondering how I can play it again, without needing the flash. Can someone can please tell me

I have enjoyed sonic since the original Sega version was released. This game is so much WOW

I don't know what to say except wow. This has been a long time wait and the wait was worth. I can tell you right now the whole community of newgrounds is thankful for you guys taking time out of your day to finish a game like this. I am super stoked that its this clean and free. We as the whole of newgrounds thanks you in great honor for finish this game. 10/10 Best game and should be in the hall of fame for newgrounds for finishing this childhood classic. From Neo Dlamini. Edmonton, AB Age 21 started this game at 13. Thank you