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Snatch the Wench

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Barry Buff - hero for hire (and his accomplice Asami in 2 player) have signed up to escort a princess and her ladies-in-waiting to their home land. Having purchased a map from a local trader, it doesn't take them long to realise that it's fake and has lead them to be helplessly lost in the middle of a wide expanse of plains. Not only that, but they soon realise that they've lost the princess and are now surrounded by some small green folk.

Their leader steps forward. 'We will return to you your princess if you can beat us in a game of Snatch the Wench.'

Our heroes look at each other dumbfounded, and realise that they must have stumbled into Goblin Gardens. There is nothing they can do but comply with the goblins silly game.



With each wave, goblins will attempt to snatch the ladies-in-waiting. It is up to you to protect them by snatching the goblins instead and tossing them off the side of the field. If you manage to catch all of them, you will move onto the next round. Do this 50 times, and you will win the game. However, the amount of goblins will increase with each wave, and they will become increasingly quicker (though thankfully, so will you). If the goblins manage to snatch all the ladies-in-waiting, the game will be over.



Move your player with your controller or directional keys on keyboard.

This game only uses one button to interact with everything. On keyboard it's Z or C and with controllers it varies but usually it's A or X.

To grab a goblin, move over them then press and hold the button. To let go, release the button. If you release the button while standing still you will drop the goblin. If you are moving and you release the button, you will throw the goblin in the direction you're moving.

If a goblin has a lady-in-waiting, you may attempt to retrive her by either throwing another goblin at them, or by GRAPPLING them. You can GRAPPLE a goblin by moving over to one that is holding a lady-in-waiting and pressing the button. You will then have to wrestle the lady-in-waiting from them by repeatedly tapping the button as fast as possible.

There are three levels of goblins: green, orange and red. Greens are the easiest, reds being the hardest. Higher level goblins will move faster and be harder to grapple with. If a goblin is knocked over, they will increase a level if they manage to get back on their feet. If a red goblin is knocked over, they will explode. Be warned: if the player is within the vicinity of an explosion they will be knocked down and take some time to get back up. However, explosions also send other goblins flying, so use this to your advantage.



Points are scored by throwing a goblin off the field or throwing a goblin into another. You will get a multiplier bonus for additional goblins knocked over. All points are multiplied by the amount of ladies-in-waiting you have remaining, so try to keep them for as long as you can for those precious points.



If, by some strange luck and skill, you manage to beat all 50 waves, you will get a last endless wave to play. This is to allow you to rack up as many points as possible, but the game will become a bucking bull - constantly glitching and becoming ever more unplayable to put an end to your game. See how long you can last.


This game was initially started for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam, which follows the theme of 'Keep it Alive'. It is made in Pico8.



I'd love to see reviews, feedback and bug reports on this page. Also you can contact me via:


twitter: hairy_viking

itch: https://hairyviking.itch.io

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Really fun! I reminds me of the arcade Mario Bros. when the enemies become more aggressive
after being stunned.

super fun and addicting :))

Pretty fun game! Little confusing at the start since I wasn't sure how to throw goblins (I think it should just throw them in the direction you're facing when you let go of Z, instead of requiring you to hold a direction when you let go) and I didn't know how to get a wench back from a goblins grasp (maybe have a mash button icon pop-up above the struggle) but once I got going I had some good arcade fun! Felt good to get better and better and learn advanced strategies like setting up combos by slamming goblins into other goblins or making them red to use them as explosives against their own kind. Would love to see maybe a little bit of a story element with an intro and maybe an ending, nothing huge, just simple, but nonetheless the game was nicely done anyway.

This game's really good. I sunk half an hour into it already and got a score of 12k getting to level 20. Lots of subtle little mechanics to exploit. It's actually my favorite of this month's panel, better than even high stakes. GG

I love how the goblins look!

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2020
6:12 PM EST
  • PICO-8