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Project: MERC

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Happy Madness Day 2020 and welcome to my very first Madness Combat animation!

Take it as an absolute different universe than original MC.

In my animation you'll see two new organizations: T.H.O. and B.N.N.

T.H.O. reproduces ATP agents with it's own Accelerated Training Program, while B.N.N. creates Mag Agents using Agent Magnification Chamber.

Dr. Henry runs T.H.O. and Mr. Daniel runs B.N.N. They both are the worlds famous people due to their military discoveries.

However, when B.N.N. introduced their brand new Agent Magnification Chamber (which can reproduce Mag Agents 4 times bigger than usual grunts),

Dr. Henry lost a lot of clients, because not a single ATP agent could do something against new Mag Agents...

...until this moment.

With two new mobile soldiers MERCs he hopes to kill Mr. Daniel and destroy B.N.N. from the face of earth.

The operation started very well, but suddenly something unexpected happened...

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ketchup vs mustard

I liked the detail that as the agent regains control. F for the ATP agent who just wanted to help without mentioning that he saved his life. I like the efforts of the 1337 agents to defend the base and protect their leader. Excellent animation, keep it up, I want to see how far you get.

I loved it loved it loved it. Story A+, action A+.

Interesting concept and storyline, my only issue is the fact that those agents are nerfed way below acceptable stormtrooper aiming academy. They kept missing on insanely close point-blank range...

So this is the back story of Zeppelin's incident