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Reviews for "Project: MERC"

Not bad, but the animation is just a step down from fluid enough, and the combat isn't as entertaining as a few other's I've seen of a similar type due to that lack of fluidity.

i mean you could at least spare tha a.t.p engenerir that was trying to help you he coud have been a companion at least when you convince him

Good for a first animation, i hope you improve in the future!

for a first animation is nice, keep animating bro

For a first time animation, this is fantastic. The visual comedy was good and the moves were imaginative. I do feel the agents should show a bit more initiative. For instance, when a guy clears out a room by emptying two assault rifles spraying supersonic rounds everywhere, or blows a hole in the wall, they should perhaps, y'know, shoulder their guns and point them in the direction the noise came from, because to me it looks like they're high on the job. Other than that, pretty good.