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Arcade Wizard

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Author Comments

Long loading times may occur when opening the game.

Save Arcadia by getting back the Tome of Arcade Intellect from the evil wizard Alistair.

In this action filled top down shooter you can unlock new orbs and skins by fighting waves of enemies.

Patch 1.1

  • Pause button
  • 6 new skins
  • Orb of Greed
  • Orb of the Hero
  • Orb of the Vampire
  • Orb of the Necromancer
  • Several bugfixes


Use mouse to move.

Use left mouse button to strafe.

Press P to pause/unpause.

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I've been waiting for more than 10 minutes and the game still not opens ;-;

gamemakertim responds:

Were you able to play before the update? Clearing cookies can solve the issue, WARNING though, clearing cookies will also erase progress.

i love the game but what i don't understand are the maps and the enemies. first you go to the forest level and ya go to the cemetery level and suddenly your in the volcano fighting the last boss the maps does not line up and i hope you put some more maps but in different areas and i hope you name each areas and add 9 forest levels , 9 cemetery levels , 9 volcanic levels to make the game longer cause the game ends pretty quickly so i hope you add it. and the enemies the reapers are good in the cemetery level but not in the forest level i hope you replace it something nature like and i think the best replacement for the reapers in the forest is toads they are faster and the can leap and i hope you add new enemies too to make it more fun and challenging so ya can learn your enemies moves to help you fight them off and o i hope this review help a bit

Just realised that with new patch my progress was completely lost... Although the addition of a pause button was an essential one. Hope that for next ones we can keep our progress!

I don´t know why but I lost all my progress, it still a good game that i will continue playing ...but do you know why this happened?

Huge fan of this game. I'm completely hooked. I think I've done NG+ 5 times now. My only gripe is that the best orb in the game requires you to sign up for an e-newsletter.

gamemakertim responds:

I just released a new update with some more orbs and skins :)

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2020
6:07 PM EDT

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