Way To Somnolence

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Pop-Tart had a rough day at work and decides to sleep in for the remainder of clockday. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

This project has been sitting for 6 years and I finally completed it. Special thanks to Lavagasm and others to get me back into it. (btw I hope Skor likes it.)

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this was a very well-formed, nicely animated movie about pop-tart's problems after he finished SBC's chores that kept him distracted while SBC stole his car...
(good reference to your other movie too!)

alone, late at night, and without a car to get him quickly at his home, pop-tart embarks on a true odyssey on getting back home, but alas, he is tricked into following the path and the trials of the ''painful five'', an arcane ritual of harsh attacks which make a clock to suffer from the wrath of five clocks in order to escape from this eternal road.

apart from the great and original story, the movie also had great visuals, clever jokes, and epic CC references (the unfinished ''Void III'' being once again, one of them, lol!).
i liked what you did with the road signs, they all had clever little jokes and references about some clocks and their movies, from satellite, to ankh, to flounderman, to many more.

the final scene where pop-tarts meets verite clock was truly interesting, cool and funny.
i also loved the epic conclusion of the movie, and the extra jokes in it too!

all in all, it was a large adventure, full of beautifully drawn characters, smooth animation and great humour.
i absolutely love what you do with your CC movies+stories, and i highly suggest you to do more stuff like this in the future, even in short CC movies...

excellent work, keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

Super refreshing, the music, lighting, saturation and contrasts made me catch a vibe! Great work

Best revenge plot since Hamlet. Happy clock day!

This was really friggin' good!! Happy Clock Day!

This does give me a vibe of feeling dread of doing late night activities haha. Good stuff!