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Acoustic Guitar recorded on garage band by sam boux, third time i post in 2 minutes :D got it right this time, i fixed the sound.
This is just a simple relax tune. Incomplete song maybe, ill think about if i add an acoustic lead over it or not, cant go without thinking, an ocarina would sound great over it too

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Really chill

Really laid back. I can almost see you playing this with your legs and feet kicked up, wearing maybe a straw hat so your face is hidden beneath the brim, and chewing on a piece of straw. Or maybe you're serenading a lovely senorita. Plenty of room for vocals in this. This is my kind of jam. Something simple. Smooth. Relaxing. Present. Real. Makes me wish I could play guitar. If I ever learn, this would be my style. It got really quiet at the end, I could barely hear it. Like fading into a dark shadow or walking into a deep pool of water and slowly being submerged and enveloped in cool clear water. mmmm

You see what your music does to me Sam. I just write and write and the words keep flowing, like the slow trickle of a waterfall glistening in the morning sun. See what I mean. And the analogies keep coming. I can't stop. Your music keeps me going. Keeps me thinking. It inspires me. Makes me want to do something. To be someone. someone important. Someone who matters. But at the same time. It makes me so relaxed that I say to myself, "We'll do it tomorrow." "Today I am enjoying life and not letting a minute pass me by. No sir. I'm going to make the most of every moment. Take nothing for granted. My house, family, dog, cat, computer, friends, music, God...I'm so grateful.

I hope this little note inspires you to keep making beautiful, touching, inspiring music. I just want you to know that your music has an impact on me. Maybe it's the simplicity. The beauty of simplicity gets me every time. I LOVE your music Sam. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world. I appreciate it, and I'm sure many other's do as well. By the way, this is probably the longest review I've ever written, tnot that it's much of a review. More like a rambling of thoughts inspired by your tunes. This one in particular could be under the trance genre, because it really puts me in one...sigh...It's late...I think I'm done writing. I just took my first pause in writing this so I think I'll leave it at that.

Love your work :)


Boux responds:

Nice!! thanks alot, funny how my most simple tune gets you like that. Never too late if you want to play guitar too , been 16 months for me. "We'll do it tomorrow.":D haha. got alot of this too. Scrolling down in your review, of course it does inspire me to do more, i got a couple new tunes im working on at the moment. On that, really appreciate you taking the time for giving your thoughts on my music,

Very Happy

Indeed a little different from your style, but still great none-the-less. I really dig the happy plucking, happy with a hint of sorrow woven in there. Sorry for the late reviews, been lazy and busy at the same time haha. Sounds great dude. I love the slow fade at the end too, perfect way to close it!

Boux responds:

cool no problem at all :) , im just glad you enjoy the tunes i make yet again, thanks alot!

summer day.

lovely stuff.

you say an ocarina? what about a flute? iv played for about 9 y ears, although im a tad rusty now after a year off. It definitely needs something I think, but great work, keep it up ^^

Boux responds:

yeah i guess both could sound great, maybe an incomplete song, but i wanted to keep it simple for this time, just a simple relax tune, thanks alot!


Might actually try to listen to this when i want to go to sleep, If it works, I;ll tell you. XD

Boux responds:

ok :D thanks


suave, vraiment incroyable. Comment ça tous les flux d'ensemble. L'ensemble de la chanson fonctionne très bien. Honnêtement, comme je l'écoute, je me relaxe. Ici, c'est une chose certaine, Je vais jouer ce le jour de ma chirurgie pour m'aider à relaxer. Et quand j'ai la tête à la récupération après la chirurgie, j'ai demandé qu'ils jouent Inside Mount Olympus. Je vous remercie Sam. Vous êtes la musique a touché mon coeur.


Boux responds:

chirurgie? Good luck to you then. Glad to produce music for someone that appreciates it like you, ill keep you posted
ps. i think there's one or two songs lately i didnt message anyone about it, not sure if you missed them or not.

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Jun 15, 2009
10:49 PM EDT
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