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An Amazing Soul

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Arms 10 Points

Collect another artifact

Swords 10 Points

Ascend for the first time

Gems 25 Points

Find this artifact

Loops 25 Points

Discover this artifact

Claws 50 Points

Reach this artifact

Game Complete 100 Points

Take the longest path through the game

Hammers 100 Points

Trek to this artifact

Author Comments

UPDATE: Significantly reduced progress requirements to advance. ie first comp before skill 5.

Refresh page. Ascend to activate the update, if you don't know what that is, hard-reset. It's worth it.

What seems to be a minimal incremental game holds a secret for you to discover. What's the difference between Comprehend and Transcend? Why do some people get the same artifact over and over and others get a variety? Perhaps these are connected some how?

The benefit of a skill and the benefit of clicking "train" may be different. You can hover over the name of the skill, or over the button, and a popup will explain it to you.

Don't be afraid to ascend without an artifact (or even grind wisdom). The benefit is similar, accelerating the game and allowing you to reach more difficult artifacts faster.

Good luck reaching the ending!

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Really fun


kygron responds:

As are the incremental games it was based on. Highscore says you didn't make it past the intro. Perhaps you don't like incremental clicker games? This one gets faster and more interesting, but takes a bit more investment.

The game was pretty frustrating since the actual goal is unclear. It was nice that it sped up a lot at the end. Collecting the artifacts isn't too difficult if you make a tree diagram outlining different paths to avoid going down the same path twice, or at least not too often. The main thing I'd say is that it would be nice to be told that it was a blind maze. That much info would be enough to keep me from being bothered by dead ends. I'm just glad that there were no closed loops in the maze. I'd have been stuck forever. :P

awesome idle game
got every archivement exept hammers
would like to know how you made this as i have always been interested in making my own idle game
thank you for this game

kygron responds:

Glad you liked it! To make the game I first made my own game engine and programming language. That would be overkill for one game so I'm making a lot. I guess that doesn't help you much. I can't release the engine because it has too many idiosyncrasies for other users, but I'm slowly improving it as I need features. I hate to recommend javascript, but that's how games like this are made more commonly. Find a game engine made by the community and start there.

Good luck!

Cool game. It really speeds up at the end, which is a nice change from the usual endgame slog especially present in clicker/idle games. The different paths were interesting to go around, though I think the maze could use some dead ends without artefacts to make it more maze-like.

kygron responds:

Glad you liked it! Most people barely understand the mechanic, and would be mad at me if I said "fail!" without showing them the map.

But if this game was too simple for you, please try my other games and join discord. This is the simplest game made because people didn't understand my previous very complex one. I'm trying to find a good balance.

Credits & Info

2.85 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2020
10:32 AM EDT