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Based off my game made for the GMTK game jam 2020 called "Out of Control"

the link to "Out of Control": https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/696488

Itch.io page --- (MostlyMadProductions)


Youtube account --- (MostlyMadProductions)



Arrow Keys / WASD == Move

R == Restart

M == Mute Music

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Cool concept, good game design. The graphics are minimalistic, but are put into good use with a cool shader and a good choice of colors. Giving only 4 stars because I feel that the "white trail" mechanic has a lot of potential which was not very well utilized in the level design.

Quite the solid game! Had fun going through this to the end at it kept the pace up with a good level of difficulty escalation with new mechanics bit-by-bit. Most of the mechanics were great, but I did feel like the arrows were a bit frustrating at times with how fast they would get: would've loved if the arrows froze when you start to move so you don't need to compensate for your travel time, but I understand if doing so is part of the intentional difficulty. Also would've loved to see more puzzles involving the whole 'blocks covered behind you' mechanic as that seemed to be abandoned early, but it's all good: since had a fun romp nonetheless!

I was hoping for outside the box thinking with that "covering the blocks behind you" mechanic, but I just had to use it once and then the game became a timing/reaction game, no thinking, no puzzles... just timing. Now I'm not against these kind of games, but usually if that's the whole point of the game then I prefer more visually pleasing art rather than just sliding blocks without thinking. A lot to improve and I think the potential is there, cheers!

The art is very nice and I enjoy the music for a bit, however, the game's main mechanic isn't particularly interesting aside from forming blocks behind you, which is barely used. Along with that, the music kinda drones on after a while and gets repetitive. And despite me liking the art, it's not particularly interesting, just stylish. overall solid, just feel like there isn't enough here.