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Reviews for "Sticky Sam 2"

The art is very nice and I enjoy the music for a bit, however, the game's main mechanic isn't particularly interesting aside from forming blocks behind you, which is barely used. Along with that, the music kinda drones on after a while and gets repetitive. And despite me liking the art, it's not particularly interesting, just stylish. overall solid, just feel like there isn't enough here.

good game

Very very fun. I cannot stress how fantastic the level progression felt. It was all very deliberate and natural, and I loved the cadence the game fell into.
Only thing is that I thought some of the arrows visually didn't line up with their rhythms of where they went, but maybe I'm just a sore loser.

We've seen this game mechanic. My main criticism would be you don't utilize the one thing that makes your game different, which is leaving an impassible trail behind you. The game instead relies on timing windows with rather linear progression through the puzzles.

i like this game usually i don't like these types of games, they all are quite the same with only graphical difference but you made so you couldn't go back which was unique and fun i loved it!