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Bunny's Cavern

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A little bunny has fallen into a dangerous old cavern, help him find a way out!


*Keyboard controls can be changed in the "Options" in the "Main Menu" or in "Pause".

Move – Left/Right arrow keys

Jump – Up Arrow Key

Dig – Down Arrow Key

Dash – Space

Pause – P

Bunny's Cavern v1.2

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i did it!

A great game, really challenged me, but i might just quit at lvl 11. That wall of flesh type thing was too hard for me.

EDIT: finally 100% the game, 1800+ deaths, gg well played

I liked this game a lot: really fun and challenging like a bunny version of Super Meat Boy! The levels and obstacles put forward in this game were, in my opinion, very well put-together and challenging in a good way: I like how the game gets hard quickly, and it keeps adding more and more unique obstacles and set-pieces to get through, all while changing the environments you go through slightly to give you a feeling of progression. Controls felt good and smooth for the most part, so there wasn't much issues in navigating the challenging levels.

My only complaint was that there is a slight issue with the way the game handles changing directions: if you're facing right and jump straight up, tapping the left button during the jump will turn the bunny around. However, if you're facing right while jumping forward, tapping the left button during the left not just turn you around, but send you flying left a good distance, which can cause you to die unintentionally, which I did many times. I think it is an issue of the direction change instantly mirroring the momentum/velocity directly, so it shifts from 1 to -1, instead of slowly changing the momentum/velocity, from 1 to .5 to 0 to -.5 to -1 until it is in the opposite direction, if that makes sense. Other than that, the controls felt very smooth.


Mega Man Bunny

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2020
5:34 PM EDT