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Phantom Behind

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This is an early alpha build of my stealth game idea. I've been working on this for a month and have implemented most of the mechanics and AI I want in this game. There are only 14 rooms at the moment, but you can have some fun with them. I would like to know if you enjoy it. Drop me a comment with your feedback.

(Should work with Game Controller - tested with XBox 360 controller on Windows 10 in Chrome)

v0.4.1 Changes

v0.4 Changes

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So that's where those pricks who make those horrible mobile games steal their ideas. But THIqS is the fun version! It got potential, that's all I can say.
Oh, also the last checkpoint doesn't work.

(PS: The first sentence doesn't mean to insult you, it's supposed to insult Voodoo etc.)

Love it! It reminds of a lot of spy games I would play growing up.

Took me some time to figure out I was leaving footprints! Okay, now I know it's odor! Which is... different.

Guards were directed fully at my characters position instead of my escape route, which left them stuck behind walls with their backs totally open.
And I was stuck after a dog cornered me in a corridor and I couldn't either disable, get past him, and neither he wouldn't kill me. Ok, somehow the dog opened the "door with a dot on it" and I (sorry myself) killed him, but now the door won't open... hahahaha
The dog also says "What?!".

Since it's a game with no alarms, odor is present with no ingame reasoning and apparently the noise I make isn't a trigger, maybe you could create some kind of story to bring all this together;
Guards (at least the ones with the keys) should be able to unlock doors to investigate noise from locked rooms (and them lock them again on leaving, or not);
Change cancel key on keyboard, esc is already in use on fullscreen;
Maybe a different symbol to communicate leaving odors.

Was a bit glitchy and confusing for me, but it seems to be a decent core to work from for making a stealth game as most of the mechanics worked fairly well. Some of the mechanics were a bit confusing:

*Tutorial was pretty lacking: not apparent at all that walking into someone would kill them. Buttons were all over the place as well: why is it two different buttons to enter and leave a grate instead of the same button?

*Some doors seemed like they could only be opened by guards, so you need to follow them in. Cool, but this wasn't immediately apparent, and you can get yourself stuck in an unwinnable situation if you kill all the guards without realizing it. It'd be helpful if guards kept respawning so you don't get stuck, or if the game tells you you're stuck and resets.

*If you walk into a view cone it freezes you as it slowly fills up with red, but the view cone is already so short I don't know why the red part even exists (though I suppose it provides a bit of forgiveness, which is nice, but the view cones are already incredibly tiny).

*The sound circles worked very oddly for me. They weren't stopped by walls (this is ok, but maybe this could be changed), and they deployed way after the guard died or the whistle blew instead of immediately, creating a weird disconnect. Also, sometimes the circle could grow slowly, and other times it would just pop-up: weird graphical glitch.

*Sound is kinda lacking at the moment: gets annoying to constantly hear the negative errnt sound of guards seeing blood or odor or whatever.

*Unlocking abilities with exp I feel is something that shouldn't be in as it makes the design very weird, but if you do keep it in, it'd be helpful to see how much something costs before spending exp.

Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!

bluemath responds:

Thanks @FuturecopLGF . Your detailed feedback is very helpful. Some of the issues you mentioned are on my bugfix list already. Stay tuned for future improvements.

there's a glitch in the game where if you walk and enter a manhole at the same time you can teleport for as long as you want in any direction. The glitch stays until you enter another manhole or vent.

bluemath responds:

That's a good catch. I never hit this bug, but now that you mentioned I can see it. It seems that if you manage to enter the manhole while moving the hero disappears but it keeps moving because of the momentum. However when you press 1 or 2, it reappears again at one of the exit locations of the manholes. It doesn't actually teleport elsewhere (at least in my tests). I'll make sure to kill the momentum so that this doesn't happen. Thanks @Tord21689 for finding this edge case. Appreciate it.

Update: Ok, I confirm that there's actual teleportation when you enter vent with momentum, unlike the manhole. Definitely needs a fix.

Update 2: Fixed