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Reviews for "Phantom Behind"

Nice game for an alfa. Missing some ending or fields explanation, but understand this is not final version.

bluemath responds:

Thanks, appreciate it. Just uploaded v0.4 with some significant improvements. Hope you like it.

Love it! It reminds of a lot of spy games I would play growing up.

this a nice early alpha build it is fun but not that challenging tbh, the peripheral visions of the guards so bad they can't see you if you are standing right in front of them, the dogs are annoying but they should also bite the player other than making noises, dogs says "hey" like the human npcs when they find blood they should bark instead and let others know that the dog found something, you cannot throw the stones i tried throwing stones bunch of times but it did not work.
there should be buttons you can press for the whistle the hiding under stuff and other things other than pressing the screen buttons, like maybe Z to use whiste, X to hide, etc

Edit: nice you added some stuff adding a button for whistle definitely made me use it more often and just spam Q to confuse the enemy

bluemath responds:

Thanks Crazydiamonds121 for playing.

> dogs says "hey" like the human
Ha ha... I think it says "What". But I get your point. At the moment I'm using some stock exclamation audio clips. Hoping to add some more appropriate sound effects.

> there should be buttons
Yes, I realized that too. I'm going to experiment with contextual button placement or some other way to make the actions obvious. Thanks for pointing it out.

> you cannot throw the stones
Oh. That's surprising. I made the stone throw preview more prominent in the new build, here's a screenshot https://bluemath.newgrounds.com/news/post/1103943 But I'll test more to see if it gets broken in some scenarios.

> Z to use whiste, X to hide
Hotkeys are coming (right now I think Q for whistle should work, but it could use a more thorough treatment)

I really enjoyed this game! Here's what you can improve on:

* Make the key to press to activate an item below the icon for items such as the whistle

* Explain that you kill enemies by walking behind them (You did design the first room to teach the player how it works, but in most games you use some sort of weapon to kill enemies and you should explain you don't need one to avoid some confusion).

* The movement feels delayed sometimes and not precise enough. For example, when I'm moving right, I press down and walk down slightly after I press it.

What you did right:

* The circle that appears showing the radius of the noises you make is really helpful.
* Giving the player a chance to recover when they're found by a guard with a baton.
* Forcing the player to slow down when they are fully spotted is good because it stops players from running through the level and outrunning the guards instead of sneaking around them.
* The XP system is great because it gives struggling players an advantage that they have to work for.

bluemath responds:

Thanks for the detailed feedback @Catalystl. I'll be addressing the problems you mentioned in future builds. Appreciate making a list of things that you liked.

there's a glitch in the game where if you walk and enter a manhole at the same time you can teleport for as long as you want in any direction. The glitch stays until you enter another manhole or vent.

bluemath responds:

That's a good catch. I never hit this bug, but now that you mentioned I can see it. It seems that if you manage to enter the manhole while moving the hero disappears but it keeps moving because of the momentum. However when you press 1 or 2, it reappears again at one of the exit locations of the manholes. It doesn't actually teleport elsewhere (at least in my tests). I'll make sure to kill the momentum so that this doesn't happen. Thanks @Tord21689 for finding this edge case. Appreciate it.

Update: Ok, I confirm that there's actual teleportation when you enter vent with momentum, unlike the manhole. Definitely needs a fix.

Update 2: Fixed