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Son Of The Musk

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'Ever since your mother left me for 3 black guys each named taekwondo' was the first joke that came to mind after the musk jam was announced. From that i thought this would be a good time to have a go at making my first scripted animation short because truthfully it was easy to characterise Elon Musk as this impossible character with no facial expressions, never blinking and has the power to do anything in what is just a normal world.

Now on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TrUDDf5FUM

I wish i had time to fit in more jokes (god there were so many that had to get cut, so many good ones too), but regardless It's been great seeing it slowly come together and i'm very proud of every single person who I reached out to and casted for this, everyone nailed their characters perfectly. So i have to run through the cast once again:

Elon musk - Brock Neilson

X AE A-12 - Matt Euston

A Bully - Corey LeVeir

The Teacher - NeviAlden

Elon's Laugh - LuckOdaStars

Riley - This Interview

Music - Clitbait

EDIT: Right, i won. That's pretty crazy. The reception and words i've been getting in response to this has been so warm. Its crazy to think i actually won the musk jam but i am very very greatful for everything. Thank you so much everyone!!

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The humor in this was very, quite amusing. The animation was very good, and I like the deer reference. Yes that's all true I did.

you had me at the brass knuckles :'D

HAHAHAHAHHHAHHAHA i a m a b u l l y

dude the voice acting is incredible

Does that lady not know how to read in five dimensions?