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Protect the Kingdom

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Protect the Kingdom is a game we made for a college assignment!

Protect the Kingdom is a tower defense where you protect your kingdom from the invasion from Yerdna, the evil elf.

Survive the waves and defeat Yerdna to save the kingdom!

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cleared wave 30 on the second try, but it drags on too long and resources are meaningless. maybe chop is down to 15 waves, add some levels, see where it gos.

A bit too difficult, no tutorial, you can only upgrade "towers" once, which isn't obvious at first, if different units do different amounts of damage due to weakness then it isn't obvious, no way to pause the game in case you need to step away or speed it up for that matter, no upgrading your base that's getting attacked, very few units which combined with the few upgrades makes it kinda boring, didn't notice that you're supposed to pick up materials from the path so I may have missed out on materials early game if there were some then, very short map (which is good because I wanted the game over with quickly and bad because it made it boring for "tower" placement). But the art is good, and it doesn't have annoying sounds (which come to think of it I don't know if I heard any sounds the whole game?).

The balance of the game is off. Too many ressources at wave 24, got everything upgraded, still lost with over 1400 gold left.

The idea is ok, but I need to be able to spend my ressources and I want more upgrades for my towers.

Also, I had the feeling that the ultimate is not doing any damage.

i do like this game but there only one upgrade so it kinda yeah you know

I think the main reason I fill concern about this game is because of the graphics. In my opinion, indie games should be focusing on simplistic instead of realistic. The game Space Tower Defense 2 makes a good example. Apart from that, the gameplay is fantastic and the difficulty is optimal. Good job!

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3.15 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2020
9:43 AM EDT