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Dungeon Crawly (Working title) - v0.7

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Dungeon Crawly is a turn-based dungeon crawler currently in development. See how far down you can get!

I am going to actively develop this game so your feedback is highly appreciated.

There used to be a bug where chests would sometimes just stop opening. Hopefully I have squashed that, but I'm not certain.

Note: Right click an item in your inventory to bring up detailed stats.

There is placeholder music you can enable by pressing the button in the top-right.

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상자안열리는버그 안고치냐ㅡㅡ

Agree with what’s already been said, but I’d like to add:

Was this inspired by Rogue Fable? That was a game also developed on Newgrounds using audience feedback. If not then you should check it out for ideas: (https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/720802).

It’s more complete (obviously) but also less ambitious; I’d recommend playing it to see what a more streamlined approach can bring. Being less ambitious to start with may produce better result as there is a lot of complexity here. Focusing on the core system with scope to expand and add to them later, as well as keeping an open mind as to what system are truly critical, should allow you to request feedback on specific systems as you add them later down the line.
Get the attack system clear and streamlined first (it’s what people will do the most), then add the stats, then the items, and then the race system, then damage types, etc. etc. Build it up slowly. There’s no rush.

Also, love these types of games, so best of luck!

Edit: No need for a reply; I’m on here quite often, and with your attitude, your next version be hard to miss when you take the top spot!

Pizzaboy10 responds:

I was actually inspired by Nethack, so I appreciate the gameplay suggestion.

I've already put some work into making the combat a lot smoother in the next version. Mainly in that you can click to move, and if you try to move into an enemy you'll automatically make the basic attack on them instead. Also left clicking items in the inventory to bring up their stats, music and SFX... that kinda stuff. Lots of User Experience polish.

I do see the merit of scaling back my ambitions, but I might be a bit too deep in at this point to go down the route you're describing. But, I do have several features that I've put on the back burner for now, such as blessed/cursed items, item durability, NPC interaction and so on. Not gonna be working on those until the rest of it is buttery smooth.

Thanks for your comment. Shall I send you another reply when I submit the updated version?

Why do humans have 5 attribute points (4 set + 1 selectable) and other races have 7?
Why have 3 different "human races" with 80% fixed characteristics?

The basis of RPGs is the game Rogue, and before that D&D.
In the original, where halflings were originally introduced: You still had a lot of variation within a race, just some mods to your range.

The weapons are nice in that they favor certain traits over others, making each one more suited for a particular class, but they could use a minimum trait to prevent "broken" combinations. (Wand with 0 int for example)

Starting level had a huge area covered in the "fog of war" which needed to be explored to find the hidden purpose: nothing there.

Found multiple chests: left and right clicking on them seems to do nothing.

Game starts out at 50% health. Used most of my food to get back to full health before I even met an enemy.

Took me long time to figure out that I need to right click and hit space to attack.

Edit: on replay, all food was gone.

Pizzaboy10 responds:

Thanks for your reply, you bring up some good points.

Attribute points and races... yeah I messed that one up. I guess I overcompensated from an earlier build where all the races were too similar. I'll make a note to redo that, and make the "human" ones less of an 80% focus.

Forgot to block off the outside area when I introduced the Bushes that block line of sight, will also fix.

In regards to the chest thing doing nothing, damn. Thought I fixed that, but I guess not. My apologies. I'll see if I can figure out what causes it.

And as for right-clicking to aim, and space to actually attack being awkward... yeah I think I can rework that idea into something else. The other comment on this brought that up too so I suppose I should focus on that part of the game.

Interesting start, but nothing more, yet.
Enemy following and attacking AI seems to work.
Having to rightclick enemies singlehandedly first in order to be able to attack them is the worst idea. It completely slows down the game flow. I was already blaming this game because I thought you could not attack enemies at all and found out about this in the last second.

There is no hint about how to consume food/potions, so I died without ever eating. Rightclick is very uncommon on Newgrounds games still, for people are used to Flash games where rightclicking would bring up the window attributes. We have to un-learn that, it seems.

Remove ALL mouse controls. Doors should open when you walk close to them and press an action key (I recommend space bar or "x") in direction of character sight. Chests should work the same. It should not be possible to walk over chests. Handling the inventory could be: Action key to "mark" an item, moving to a different slot, action key again to put the item there/exchange with an item that is already there.
-> Basically, everything has to be able to be done with the keyboard only. This is the most suitable option if you want the combat system to be round-based.

Make the game full mouse supported. Clicking on the floor somewhere makes the character move to that position, clicking on an enemy makes the character attack an enemy.
-> Basically, everything you can do in this game should be possible with using the mouse only, they keyboard would be only used for speeding some things up (selecting spells, using health potions/food etc.) This would be the best option if you want the game to be real-time (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, IT's 2020 not 1960 !!!).

Certainly gonna give more useful tips after response.

Pizzaboy10 responds:

Heyo Cyber, thanks for the comment.

Yeah the other person that commented didn't seem to like "Aim and then attack" mechanics either. I'll see if I can have some other kind of attack-move thing.

I legitimately straight up forgot about right-clicking and habits from flash games, my bad. I do agree that right-clicking the UI is a bit awkward, I just wasn't sure how else to make it work. Perhaps I could make each item slot have a button for "Detailed info" and "Consume/use item" perhaps? Though in that scenario I would be concerned about visual clutter :T

As for your "all mouse" or "all keyboard" suggestion, I don't really know about that. I did previously have a version of the game where you used the arrow keys to aim, but then you couldn't really aim diagonally.

However, your suggestion about clicking on an enemy always attacks them instantly is a great idea, and I will be sure to incorporate that in some fashion for my next version. I could do some thing where Left-click is always a basic 1-tile attack, and if you want something with AOE there are other options you can click the UI to select.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate the feedback.

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3.19 / 5.00

May 23, 2020
11:07 PM EDT
  • Unity