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Level #01 5 Points

Finish level 01

Level #02 5 Points

Finish level 02

Level #03 5 Points

Finish level 03

Level #04 5 Points

Finish level 04

Level #05 5 Points

Finish level 05

Level #06 10 Points

Finish level 06

Level #07 10 Points

Finish level 07

Level #08 10 Points

Finish level 08

Level #09 10 Points

Finish level 09

Level #10 10 Points

Finish level 10

Level #11 25 Points

Finish level 11

Level #12 25 Points

Finish level 12

Level #13 25 Points

Finish level 13

Level #14 25 Points

Finish level 14

Level #15 25 Points

Finish level 15

Level #16 50 Points

Finish level 16

Level #17 0 Points

Finish level 17

Level #18 0 Points

Finish level 18

Level #19 0 Points

Finish level 19

Level #20 0 Points

Finish level 20

Author Comments


Press any button (keyboard/mouse/gamepad) or touch the screen to push up.

Pushing up costs energy.

Eat pearls to replenish energy.

The faster you move the more energy you'll use.

Avoid all obstacles...

Press 'Esc' or touch the energy bar to pause the game.

Update 11.4.2020

*Added a new enemy, introduced on level 8.

*Added some game music.

*Fixed a few issues.

Update 10.4.2020

*Preventing up/down arrows and space bar from scrolling the window while playing.

*Faster initial game speed (level 1).

Update 8.4.2020

*Added end level screen with stats.

*More frequent powerups spawning.

Update 7.4.2020

*Added stats on start screen.

*Added mileage leaderboard.

*Saving and reloading stats and settings.

*Few visual changes.

Update 6.4.2020

*Added shield pickable - find it on levels 5+

*Added 2 new enemies

*Pushing up now cost 0.2 energy

*Small pearl gives 5 energy

*Showing player speed in UI

*Some graphics update

*Added logo intro and start screen

*Added mute sound button

*Fixed some bugs

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Not bad! Was fun to pick up speed and dodge through the obstacles, and it felt like there was a good ramp-up of difficulty in introducing new enemy types and such. Game core is pretty good, so I think the next step to take it polish it up a bit, mostly in regards to the HUD: the cartoony graphics are ok, but get rid of things like the bland font/text, decimal numbers, and other oddities to make it feel more cool and stylish. I feel like the main menu should show both the records and the powerup info at the same time side-by-side: no reason to hide one behind a button hidden on the side. Also, there's a rumbling/bubbling/crackling sound playing constantly that kinda hurts my ears: consider changing that to something more muted, if you must have a ambient sound.

HeadbanGames responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I started working on my next big game last month, and I'm still deep into it.
I'll probably stay dead on it for a couple more months.

I made this game as a fun little game-in-a-day project and ended up spending over a week on it :)
I do intend on doing periodically updates, with polishing, fixing reported issues and more features/obstacles and I wrote down your notes.
But I can't promise that will happen before July.

I'm glad I figured out how to use the mouse to click. With the arrow keys, it went up and down with the screen! Anyway, it was kind of boring. I thought your health would be rejuvenated after each level! The first level seemed too easy. I would suggest that change.

The graphics were just mediocre. It needed more music. It should have had more variety. It's still completely harmless. Well, the score seems to say that. I thought those were air bubbles, not pearls.

HeadbanGames responds:

[update] check out new version, fixed the keyboard issue and made the first level faster.

Hi Ericho,
Thank you for playing and for the feedback!
I do agree with most of your statements, but you have to keep in mind, this wasn't intended to be a deep or complex game, or a game you grind on, just something to pass a few minutes on here and there.
That being said, I will keep evolving it over time.

About the arrow keys and the spacebar key, I will look on locking those keys, though you can use any other of the keyboard keys/touch the screen/click the mouse or use a gamepad :)

Your health does go up at the end of the level (not to full) and also your max health capacity is increasing, the higher the level you beat the higher the health reward is.
You will have to eat those pearls to stay alive, but not all of them, around 30% is enough to survive, when you get to higher levels you will have plenty of health to waste around.

The levels gets more intense with time, more types of enemies, more enemies spawning, but also more pearls and powerups.
What level did you reach?

The first level was design to ease you up into the game, but yeah, it might be too slow, I will work on that.

I agree about the graphics, I'm terrible with making graphics, believe it or not, I out did myself on this one :)
If I had spare money to throw on a non-profit game, I would, but unfortunately I don't.
I do work on that skill and I'll hopefully get better with time, but that's probably the best I can do right now.

Interesting statement, more music, when there's no music at all :)
That was actually a design choice, I am a musician and making music is usually the easy part for me, but I felt like this game will work better with just atmospheric sound effects.
I thought about making something very subtle with just a bass line with a mellow tune, I will give it a go on my next session.

In conclusion, I know it is far from being perfect and I'm OK with that,
It started as a little game-in-a-day project, and ended up in a game in 4 days.
I will continue adding to it, whenever I got the time to make more assets (takes me a lot of time) or a new cool idea.

I think it's a terrific game. It's definitely a good time waster. The one thing I think the game could benefit from is a menu at the beginning to show what items you can grab and what does what. That will benefit those who don't take the time to read the description. Otherwise, I enjoyed this thoroughly.

HeadbanGames responds:

The game is still under development, I have plenty of features to add, a menu is one of them.
Stay tune for daily updates.

Can you tell me which of the features you needed to read about that wasn't so clear in the game?

Start screen added, with some instructions, mute button (also available when pausing the game with esc).


Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2020
4:25 PM EDT

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