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Becloudead - Christmas Special

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In for some slaying 5 Points

Play your first game

The how and what 5 Points

Finish level 1

Run Ben, Run! 10 Points

Finish level 2

Catching some Zs 25 Points

Finish level 3

Grinch little helpers 25 Points

Finish level 4

Bats and ladders 50 Points

Finish level 5

Hang in there! 50 Points

Finish level 6

Watch your step! 50 Points

Finish level 7

Hanging by a thread 50 Points

Finish level 8

Took the easy way 25 Points

Finish the game in easy mode

Gave it a good fight 50 Points

Finish the game in normal mode

Kicked some serious ass!!! 100 Points

Finish the game in hard mode

Author Comments

Try out our Easter Special!

Try out our Halloween Special!


Strategy Guide *WIP* - Click to read


MOVE - Keyboard Arrows / Gamepad Left Analog or Dpad

JUMP - Keyboard 'Spacebar' / Gamepad Button A

ATTACK - Keyboard 'Z' / Gamepad Button X

ROLL / SWIM 2nd ATTACK - Keyboard 'X' / Gamepad Right Trigger

ACTION - Keyboard 'C' / Gamepad Button B

SPEED CHANGE / STOMP / PUSH - Keyboard 'Shift' / Gamepad Left Trigger

INVENTORY & WEAPONS SCREEN - Keyboard 'Tab' / Gamepad Button Y

CYCLE WEAPONS - Keyboards Numbers / Gamepad Right Analog

Ben is back on another holiday nightmare!

Help Ben get through this nightmare and kill all zombies!!!

This Christmas Special is built using the latest alpha build of Becloudead and does not represent the final product.

If you encounter any bugs or have any feedback regarding gameplay/mechanics, please let us know!

Enjoy playing and have a Merry Christmas!

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The bats are so f'ing annoying to fight it lowered my enjoyment of the game. Can't climb down ladders after you have climbed up them forcing you to take fall damage to get down. Not having max health lowers your jump so it makes the parkour even more difficult.

HeadbanGames responds:

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

Honestly this version is somewhat outdated, a lot was changed since I uploaded it.
I just pushed the latest version for all 3 holiday specials.

In the updated version, it's easier to kill the bats, the crowbar has more range, there is an additional stronger hammer weapon, charged attacks and more.

The limited movement when energy is lower than 10 was also removed.

About the ladders, I think i get what you mean, to drop back down to a ladder hold DOWN and press JUMP.

Well got to the boss on this all I got really do is figure out the patern.
THe boss has a ton health wish I had a better weapoon for him.
Almost feel he has a tad too much in normal mode.
I got close to half but wanted to try this real quick after you mentioned it.
Combat could be a little smoother the bar for gettign combo takes some adjusting too.

HeadbanGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
We're still polishing as we go, there will be more weapons in the future.

What weapon did you use?
You can press TAB to see the weapons info.
To sum it up, the knife is stronger than the crowbar, the 3rd combo hit is stronger than hits 1+2, and the 4th hit is the strongest.

This is very obnoxious to play, sorry, couldn't beat the cookie boss, took too long and my health bar was only going down by not being able to kill it fast enough, and I ended up needing to go to the shitter...

trying to get the medal for beating the game on easy and the rope swinging does nothing besides make me take damage also fix the goddamn crouching

Pretty good game.