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Becloudead - Easter Special

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In for some slaying 5 Points

Play your first game

The how and what 5 Points

Finish level 1

Don't go kissing frogs 10 Points

Finish level 2

Pull to open 25 Points

Finish level 3

Seafood sandwich 25 Points

Finish level 4

Upon the bridge 50 Points

Finish level 5

Taking a bath with the dead 50 Points

Finish level 6

Up against the wall 50 Points

Finish level 7

Going for a ride 50 Points

Finish level 8

Took the easy way 25 Points

Finish the game in easy mode

Gave it a good fight 50 Points

Finish the game in normal mode

Kicked some serious ass!!! 100 Points

Finish the game in hard mode

Author Comments

Try out our Christmas Special!

Try out our Halloween Special!


Strategy Guide *WIP* - Click to read


MOVE - Keyboard Arrows / Gamepad Left Analog or Dpad

JUMP - Keyboard 'Spacebar' / Gamepad Button A

ATTACK - Keyboard 'Z' / Gamepad Button X

ROLL / SWIM 2nd ATTACK - Keyboard 'X' / Gamepad Right Trigger

ACTION - Keyboard 'C' / Gamepad Button B

SPEED CHANGE / STOMP / PUSH - Keyboard 'Shift' / Gamepad Left Trigger

INVENTORY & WEAPONS SCREEN - Keyboard 'Tab' / Gamepad Button Y

CYCLE WEAPONS - Keyboards Numbers / Gamepad Right Analog

Ben is back on another holiday nightmare!

Help Ben get through this nightmare and kill all zombies!!!

This Easter Special is built using the latest alpha build of Becloudead and does not represent the final product.

If you encounter any bugs or have any feedback regarding gameplay/mechanics, please let us know!

Enjoy playing and have a happy Easter!

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Very nice

The graphics and effects are intense I love the gameplay and game controls they really respond well and you made the game kind of like castlemania type and that was a plus, so a very nice platformer here Fun game indeed not to mention that the gameplay is fun and you can't go wrong with some nice and unique element style here and you really pushed the limits but anyways a nice game here I look forward to even more because it's games like this that really sparkle a very nice platformer here


ok I was lucky on the first play though got all the way to the boss. If level 4 what I think it is I looked around there for a 10 second then saw the answer. this boss is harder yet I figured out a plan.
I like the fact you have check points but the need for them till the end is minor for thse versions

I saw by your responses your working on full length game good luck.
Ok I'm going all out here since this is the latest one with a LIST of suggestions
Add P for Pause
More weapons
Enhance the combat system.
Sure things get a littler harder but if you do the above I feel you can scale up the difficulty more. I feel games where you zip all the way to the boss then spend all your time on the boss for that level lack that mojo. sure the first level should be easish but make it harder or get boring.
pus if you ramp up more the boss that takes a while to kill semes to to go with the flow of the game better.

Ok Contols i'm only going to cover pc sicne that what use.
WASD (this goes with my next suggestion) but I like the fact you can change the buttons.
Should make so people can use mouse to do attacks, even if you add guns it still works. If you ever decide to use a gun and ammo R for reload there is never any other choice (blame res evil)

Monster list Ok you can add more different type zombies.
Since you going with a horror theme goblins, Werewovles, ghost, demons,vampires, and mummies. also witchs could show up more often and drop various things other than gnomes, like dolls, goulies, gremlin, Imp or various little monster. Troll could be added too either as a small dropable or a big thing.

Oh I almost forgot character choice be able to play as guy or girl.

The boss in this one is significantly more difficult than on the other two games. The first two I beat without checkpoints, but this one would be nearly impossible, I feel.

HeadbanGames responds:

Yes, it is harder, but very much possible.
There are some strategies you can take to get through it, try figuring them out.
If you need some direct hints on those strategies DM me.

is there a non holiday version?

HeadbanGames responds:

Yes of course, Becloudead is on a full length game, but that will take time, we're hoping for a late 2022 release.

The holiday specials are sort of a teaser or an early access test if you will.

We are currently working on finishing the prologue act, which we plan on releasing in 2-3 months and we'll probably do another holiday special somewhere before releasing the game.

You can look for us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we're working on and follow the development.

Good, but the default controls are completely bizarre and you should definitely change them. (And advice for anyone playing the game -- DEFINITELY go in the options and change them or left arrow will open some menu, other arrows will do random other stuff, and so on, bizarre!)

But it still suffers from that rope-breaking bug/glitch. Hopped on that first rope -- yep went all to pieces.

Maybe if you make future games, consider omitting the rope parts. That's really the only thing bugged.

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2021
2:30 PM EDT