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Sense of Unity

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Carpenter 5 Points

Rescue a carpenter

Warrior 10 Points

Rescue a warrior

Torch Man 25 Points

Rescue a torch man

Plant Kid 50 Points

Rescue the plant kid

Saviour 100 Points

Rescue everyone

Victory 100 Points

Win the game

Author Comments

Sense of Unity is a puzzle game where you have to make your way to the exit trying to save as many  people as possible. But beware, every person you save makes it riskier for you to continue though they can help you in moments of need.

If you are up for the challenge, try to save not only yourself or the ones that are on the path but everyone from the plague and take risks in order to save others.

About the game:

This game was made for the Stay Safe! Jam. The theme for the jam was "Solidarity". "As science, social responsibility and common sense prohibit the gathering of large crowds in times of Corona, the Stay Safe! Jam is designed to motivate game developers worldwide to stay at home, create a game within 48 hours (+1) and thus actively do their part in the fight against the virus."


  • 10 levels of difficult with multiples variants per stage so you can replay the game to discover new and exciting ones!
  • 4 types of Units
  • The torch
  • The carpenter
  • The guardian
  • The plant kid
  • Unique custom music
  • Multiple resolutions

Hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it!


Artists: Hugo Miraballes, Nicolás Rivero & Kevin Miles

Programming: Andrea Alonso, Lautaro Bravo de la Serna, Alan Mauro Rosas & Facundo Balboa

Level Design: Kevin Miles & Lautaro Bravo de la Serna

Music: Santiago Bravo de la Serna


You can also download a desktop version at itch.io


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"and you are using Dark Mode add on, consider turning it off. Also if it's not the case, check that you are not using and add on that changes the visual of the websites. Sorry for the inconvenience." wdym by this? Idk how to turn off this and idk what the "Dark Mode add on" means.

KMiles responds:

We found out that an extension called "Dark Mode" for Firefox (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-mode-webextension/) caused problems with the html code of the game. It is possible that other similar extensions for other browsers may conflict with it as well.

Too much lag to be playable. Press a key, count to 10, he moves one square, maybe. I cannot enjoy this as-is.

And, no, just telling people to play the desktop version doesn't cut it. You're obviously using far too many effects or something.

Pretty neat game! I enjoy the gradual increase in difficulty and the way the levels teach the mechanics in a very subtle and intuitive way, such as forcing you to walk past some example plankable areas with a carpenter so the player sees how they work, and how levels have good 'gotchas' areas where you'd get stuck if you bring everyone there too soon in the wrong order. Definitely pretty good, though there are some annoyances. The art is a bit too dark, gray and drab (I know, it's intentional, plague-times and all that, but still, it shouldn't hurt the gameplay) and it makes it difficult to tell puzzle elements apart in the environment. Also, it is a bit annoying that the game doesn't seem to have a restart button, nor a save feature: I got stuck and had to reload the page, only to lose all my progress, which was a bummer since I was having fun!

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you a lot for playing it and featuring it on a video.
The restart button is pressing escape if someone find themselves stuck. Sorry about that!
About the game, we are planning to make a new version keeping the mechanics. As this one was made for a game jam, there are a tons of things to be poolished.
From what you meantioned, we are planning to make things more clear for the player. The levels will be more lighter and the models will have bigger differences. Hopefully, these changes will help.
Thank you once again for your review and for playing it!

Pretty neat concept! Felt like the game ended right as it was getting going. Though I'm unsure if the puzzle elements here could sustain a proper full game, I definitely wanna see more from you guys, especially in this world/style. The concept of an old man with a fading lantern having to save children, workmen, "Infected", sick, and seemingly other rescuers, combined with the simple but interesting and evocative style of the broken Cathedral and the "Spikes", and the dark implications of the Infected being able to survive the spikes, and the wonderfully eerie music, all give the game and the world an intriguing, spooky tone I really wanna see more of.
Hopfully we get more games (Puzzle or other) that flesh out this cool setting.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you a lot for playing and for your review :)
We are planing a new game based on this mechanic of someone helping people so we are happy to hear it is a fun mechanic!

Very cool concept! Since you plan to expand upon it I'll give my 2 cents: More greeting sounds when finding a person. I understand it is somewhat of a nonspeaking game, but some diversifying "Ohh", "Hmm!" and "Hahá".
It can be difficult seeing the characters and knowing who is who to avoid the deadly traps. This can be helped by more character lighting and also giving them unique sounds coupled with simultaneous movements: Like the carpenter banging on something [his helmet?] with his hammer and sounding impatient if he's idle for too long. You can also expand on the plant kid to be more crazy, with some naughty giggles and silly dancing.
A doctor could fit this apocalyptic theme, to heal patients first before picking them up. Also someone who can fight, but since this is a sort of "kind" game we ditch personal violence. Perhaps equip the guardian/knight with a sword, which he can clear away thorn bushes with, and maybe also meat eating plants. To be able to get near the plants, one could make them act regularly like the spikes.
Last but not least: It is more fun to be able to get all the people out in one sitting, since you can't go back to the levels [I recommend having levels, since I had to replay the whole thing when reloading]. Therefore a better way to adjust difficulty imho is to allow choosing between normal and longer light time. For achieving the normal time one can unlock rewards like concept art. Everybody loves unlockables!

GG, stay safe ☺♥

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you a lot for your review. It means a lot to us :).
The diversity in sound will be taken care. We are planning different characters with different roles so that should, in base, already give us a bunch of new voices just as base.
Also, the new version should be a lot more distinct. The characters will be based in animals and that will help to notice them a lot more. We had seen a lot of people struggling with trying to understand wich character is and we hope this will help.
Regarding the theme, we are planning for a more friendly theme not a plague one anymore. We will be uploading updates probably on twitter as soon as we have more.
And your last point, yes, this is a big issue the game has right now, we are planning to have a map that let's you revisit before places.
Thank you a lot for your review and hope you are doing well in these difficult times!

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2020
11:36 AM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • Unity
  • Substance Designer
  • 3ds Max
  • Substance Painter
  • Framework Goat