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Reviews for "Sense of Unity"

Obviously a fix for the frame rate is to play it on the desktop of course. It really doesn't take away from it being a puzzle game. The keyboard input remains consistent, so the frame rate drop doesn't make it unplayable. I do find it a bit tedious that I can still walk into the spikes while they are up and get myself killed on accident, but my poor timing is what's at fault if I fail to get past them. I had to think about who I rescued first, and in what order they should be rescued, so I don't indirectly mess it up for myself. Also which tiles I walk on, because at some point I didn't know how to retry the level if I got myself trapped in a corner with the villagers. I learned though when I pressed escape. The art direction was managed well for model and level design. I also like that the main character was chosen to be a plague doctor.
The game mechanics are built as is, and done right. Being "Snake" was what inspired it. It has its own twist with rescue order as to make you think about more than going straight for the finish. Some puzzle games are infuriatingly difficult, and some are still challenging but feel satisfying to learn and complete. Thank you for this experience.

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you for the complete review!
The frame rate we knew it would be an issue in browser for some people. Sadly, the game was made for a game jam and it wasn't optimised at all. Glad you had been able to play it though and sorry for the inconvenience.
We are planning to make a new bigger version of the game. Between the new changes it will have, we are planning the spikes to don't move by time, instead they will move each time you walk. That way it will give more strategy to the game and it will fix the tedious problem of people running through the spikes.
Other than that, we are happy that you liked the game, hope you can try the expanded version once we finish it and thank you once again for your review :)

muy buenaso

MonoFlauta responds:


it runs very slow and choppy. it took a lot of tries to get through the first level because with the lag I have directed the character to go off the path before I see the character enter the square where I need to turn.

MonoFlauta responds:

We are sorry to here that. Please, if you still would like to try it out. Consider downloading the desktop version at itch.io.
Thank you very much for giving it an opportunity.

Alright, so, in light of how much you value feedback, I'm going to try my best here.

The player-character moves incredibly slowly and choppily. It's a chore to go anywhere and I frequently found myself wanting to hurry to finish the level, not because of the slowly waning lamp-light, but because I just wanted my character to hurry up.

The input is finicky as well, wherein I frequently found myself dying, not because of bad movement, but just because I didn't lift my finger from 'forward' seemingly quick enough.

I understand the sake of the puzzle is organizing your followers in such a way to get through/over obstacles whilst the followers themselves count as an obstacle; but this just makes me rather resentful of them. The fact that they just can't, like, step out of the way because I need to get by them makes me wish I didn't have to get them at all.

The game is basically Snake, but with a set path you need to go down and certain 'parts' of you that do things other 'parts' don't, that you need in a certain order. But if that's all it is, why not think about what makes SNAKE more fun, and do more of that?

MonoFlauta responds:

Thank you for your complete feedback.
We made the little people stop you to give you a snake feel so you have to think were you are walking and preplan with them.
About the input and the movement we will try to improve it for a newer version that isn't made for a game jam.
Thank you once again for the complete feedback!

I was very impressed by this. I admit that I had no idea how to play at first. Well, I knew the directions. The CGI was great! It really did add up to a fun, unique game. It was pretty slow, though.

Eh, I don't have a good computer anyway. The music was really cool too. It was hard to tell that these were people at first. I mean that as a compliment. The designs are quite unique.

MonoFlauta responds:

First of all, thank you for playing it! We are planning probably a new version with more time that will result in better feedback.
The team is really happy with your review and we will take it in count. Thank you very much!