Sonia GO

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Alternate links to get the NSFW version:

Itch.io | Gumroad | Patreon

By unlocking the NSFW you'll get

  • Remove all her cloths
  • APK version to play on your Android device
  • Windows version
  • NSFW and SFW animated wallpapers

You might download the SFW version on your mobile in case it's too laggy or the screen is cropping

(Only available on Itch.io)

Please be patient, you might find some low performance issues or some minor bug around, keep in mind that we are not professionals, just happy people figuring out the tools around <3


Project credits

washa - Planning | Animations | Coding

Patreon | Gumroad | Twitter

Tustra - Planning | Coding

Aster_c - Original Artwork

Patreon | Twitter

Ko Clover - Voice Actress

Patreon | Twitter

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That's not his art, that artwork was created by Aster_c

Washa only animates other people's artworks. I don't know if he has permission to monetize other peoples artwork.

Heres a link to the original artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/75099062

It's a shame... I really like your art. Not just cause it's well animated hentai, but because the art style is awesome compared to a lot of stuff I've seen. That being said, I Liked what was available, but it is incredibly disappointing to see a paywall from you.

Now, I understand you need cash moneys to live and stuff, but pay walls are not the answer mate. I personally am more likely to give to a patreon if you ask before your animation/art, and I think a lot of people are the same. Pay walls actually have the opposite effect most of the time, and people end up not even giving you the time of day. Besides: in my opinion your work is good enough to bring people to your patreon with merit alone.

So please: don't be the EA of hentai, like I've seen so many good hentai artists/animators become.

this is just sad

I am used to amazing content from your channel and this girl once again looks amazing. Your art is so good but this has no content other than bait. I understand that you need a patreon to finanace the time you put into this but I believe making something that is 100% paywalled will cost you fans and not increase your patreon. I could be wrong but that is how I think it is because the people who have enough money to support you without noticing the missing money and that like your content enough to think about supporting you, probably mostly already do so. Paywall games like this will only accomplish one thing, some people will subscribe to your patreon for one month now to get this and probably not subscribe afterwards anymore.

In my opinion stuff like this should be handled in a different way. Maybe make a game with multiple options but some are patreon locked, but never lock the obviously most attractive options. Like, sex should always be possible in a porn game. Maybe lock more specific fetishes behind patreon so your game still appeals to the masses but you give people a reason to explore your content further.
Or you could simply promote your patreon further by putting teasers at the end of games. Like, a teaser of this girl saying "You wanna play with me." while jiggling her tits after another porn game with a caption saying "only available on patreon". This way you still promote your patreon exclusive content but you don't put paywall ads on your NewGrounds, because people hate that here and it will lose you supporters.

washatv responds:

thanks for your feedback :)

Literally just an ad for your patreon, nobody is gonna want to pay for hentai unless its like super fucking amazing, like you can do fucking everything, this is not one of those situations.